Popular Starfield Mod Cracked and Distributed Online

The popular modder, PureDark, has had their DRM-protected Starfield mod cracked and placed for free across various online platforms.

PureDark's DLSS 2 Mod Draws Attention and Challenges

PureDark, known for adapting Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) software to video games, had earned significant prominence through game modding. Lately, their focus has been on the newly launched game Starfield, which hasn't been fully optimised for PC performance.

Improving Starfield's Performance on PC

Due to this lack of optimisation, Starfield's performance can vary drastically based on the user's hardware. However, PureDark's DLSS 2 mod reportedly doubles the game's performance, making it a sought-after download for many eager gamers.

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Starfield's challenged performance also presented an opportunity for PureDark, who managed to apply Nvidia's supersampling software to the game, despite obstacles inflicted by AMD’s partnership with Bethesda.

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A Tale of Fame and Piracy

However, the fame and popularity of this mod came with its own challenges, as it was recently cracked and uploaded on piracy websites.

These illicit websites carry the DLSS 3 mod and boast frame generation tech for individuals using Nvidia's RTX 40 series cards. This extra bit of software capacity enhances the hardest parts of Starfield, helping the game run smoothly. In an effort to protect their work and income from Patreon, PureDark had used Digital Rights Management (DRM) to deter pirates.

However, the DRM was quickly decoded, enabling the cracked mod to rapidly spread online. The information about successful cracking was shared by a user named Seeburschbanause on the Steam Underground forums.

The Age of Digital Rights Management for Mods

The activity reflects the growing challenge in the age of Digital Rights Management for mods, where efforts to protect copyrighted material are met with unyielding cracking attempts. The mod was guarded with a custom DRM and VRM, a Google protection software, but it was still cracked within 24 hours of PureDark's original upload.

This activity indicates a rapid response from the cracking community, as Starfield itself had already been cracked and uploaded to torrent sites within a few hours of its early access release.

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