Pete Hines Responds to Stupid Starfield Rumors

Bethesda's Senior Vice President sheds light on baseless speculations surrounding upcoming game Starfield.

In a recent Reddit post, Pete Hines, the Senior Vice President of Bethesda Softworks, addressed the ongoing rumors and speculations surrounding the highly anticipated game, Starfield. Hines, well-known for his straightforward approach, did not hold back in debunking what he described as 'absolutely stupid' claims circulating within the gaming community.

The rumors in question stemmed from a Reddit thread that gained traction, wherein various unfounded allegations about the upcoming sci-fi RPG were raised. Hines acknowledged the enthusiasm and anticipation for Starfield, emphasizing that it's natural for fans to speculate and share theories. However, he expressed disappointment in how quickly baseless rumors can spread and instigate unnecessary panic among the gaming community.

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In his detailed response, Hines systematically debunked each rumor, providing logical explanations and facts to counter them. Regarding one rumor claiming that Starfield had been in development hell and was nowhere near completion, he reassured fans that the development process was progressing smoothly and that the game was reaching exciting stages. Hines stressed the importance of patience, reminding fans that game development is a complex process that requires time and meticulous attention to detail.

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Addressing another rumor suggesting that Starfield would feature online multiplayer, Hines categorically denied such claims, stating that the game was designed as a single-player experience with a vast open world to explore. He encouraged fans not to believe everything they read on the internet and to await official announcements from Bethesda for accurate information.

Hines also addressed the rumor claiming that Starfield would be an Xbox exclusive, stating that Bethesda remains committed to delivering their games on multiple platforms. He mentioned that while future titles may see enhanced features on select platforms, the studio's commitment to multi-platform availability remains unchanged.

Throughout his response, Hines emphasized the importance of fact-checking and urged fans to approach unofficial information with skepticism. He assured the community that Bethesda would continue to provide regular updates and announcements regarding Starfield to keep fans informed and excited.

In conclusion, Pete Hines' response to the baseless rumors surrounding Starfield serves as a reminder for gamers to be cautious of unfounded information and to rely on official sources for accurate details. While the excitement for Starfield continues to grow, Hines reassured the community that the game's development is progressing well, debunking various rumors along the way. Fans are eagerly awaiting further updates from Bethesda on this highly anticipated sci-fi RPG.