Leaks Suggest Starfield Compatibility with Steam Deck

Recent leaks indicate that Bethesda's forthcoming game, Starfield, will be compatible with Valve's Steam Deck

Upcoming game Starfield is set to be compatible with Valve's handheld device, the Steam Deck, according to recent leaks.

Starfield, an eagerly anticipated game from Bethesda, has made headlines not only for its release but also due to a growing number of leaks offering crucial details about the gameplay. This latest leak, making rounds on the internet, tends to hint towards the game's compatibility with the fashionable Steam Deck.

Starfield Game Updates on Feb 20, 2024
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Developed by Valve Corporation, the Steam Deck is designed to bring the Steam games library to a portable format. It has quickly garnered attention due to its flexibility and capacity to handle a wide range of games. A significant addition to this handheld unit would be Starfield.

Leaks Suggest Starfield Compatibility with Steam Deck ImageAlt

Starfield is widely expected to launch as one of the most prominent games in coming times. The inclusion of this blockbuster title into the mix greatly increases the appeal of the Steam Deck.

The source of this leak is an anonymous insider who shared the information online. He posted a picture of what appeared to be Starfield running on a Steam Deck, and this sent gaming enthusiasts into a frenzy. Given the source's anonymity and uncertainty surrounding the leak's credibility, it's best to approach this news with caution.

However, if these leaks prove to be accurate, it could mark a significant milestone for both Starfield and the Steam Deck. Offering Starfield on a handheld device would provide players with a new dimension of flexibility to enjoy Bethesda's next big release.

For the Steam Deck, securing the support of a high-profile game like Starfield would also underscore its ability to handle big-budget games.

What's certain is that these leaks have generated immense excitement among the gaming community, anticipating the upcoming release of Starfield and its potential compatibility with the Steam Deck.

Starfield Ready for Preload on Steam
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While Bethesda has yet to confirm these leaks, the potential pairing of Starfield and Steam Deck certainly adds another layer of intrigue to the much-anticipated launch of this new game. Until any announcement is made from the developers, all these remain speculations. Yet, it cannot be denied that having Starfield compatible with the Steam Deck holds significant potential for the gaming world.