Launch Day Hitch in Starfield Leaves Gamer Stranded on Twitch

The release of highly-anticipated game Starfield was not left unscathed by humorous glitches typically associated with the beloved Bethesda games, leaving a Twitch streamer hilariously marooned.<a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>: A Comical Odyssey

Unexpected Charm in Starfield's Gameplay

Despite Starfield being touted as the smoothest offering from studio Bethesda yet, the game’s narrative was quickly populated by comical bugs, likely adding to its charm in the eyes of dedicated fans. Given the expansive new world that Starfield offers – over a thousand planets to glide over and around, dozens of eccentric missions, and innumerable systems to manipulate – players can expect occasional peculiarities.

Amusing Glitches Enrich Gameplay

Although Starfield's idiosyncrasies have not reached game-breaking proportions or resulted in progress-stalling issues, the quirks are sufficiently amusing to leave players stranded in the game's barren landscapes. One such incident involved ships piloted by non-player characters (NPCs). Players who find themselves stuck in these cargo bays will witness first-hand, quite entertaining, fallout.

Voyages to Uncharted Realms in Starfield Level 70 Systems
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When a ship, with the player unwittingly in the cargo hold, prepares for take-off, the game boots out the player even if all entry points are securely closed. The characters are forcibly ejected through any surface available and hurtled down to the planet or moon below.

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Comical Fallout: A Live Experience

In a recent streaming session on Twitch by Jabo, witnessed by hundreds of viewers during the early stage of the game’s release, this glitch enticingly played out. As Jabo was going about his exploration, looting from fallen enemy in the cargo bay of an NPC ship, the craft launched without any warning. Jabo's cries of shock and pleas to stop fell on deaf ears as the spaceship jettisoned out of sight, with him hurtling back down to the ground.

Design Choices: Blessing or Curse?

This glitch is traced back to a design choice necessitating a loading screen partition between on-foot navigation and deep space travel. Thus, unless securely ensconced in the pilot’s seat, gamers attempting to reach the stars while roaming around on a ship will find themselves plummeting back to the ground. Beware then, to not find yourself unwittingly on a rogue ship as NPC's could make a sudden exit, leaving you in a freefall.