Kerbal Space Program Gamer Demonstrates Starfield's First Ship Would Fail Due to Design Flaws

An adventurer in the realm of gaming utilizes the mechanics of the Kerbal Space Program to demonstrate that the inaugural spacecraft in the Starfield game would not function as projected due to its design. <a href='' alt='Starfield'>Starfield</a>'s Spaceship 'Frontiers' Operational Issues

Ahead of 'Starfield' Game Launch: The Issue with 'Frontiers'

Ahead of the highly anticipated launch of the space-based game, Starfield, one gamer has amusingly demonstrated that the first spacecraft, dubbed 'Frontiers,' provided to players in the game will not operate as proposed. They recreated the ship using the space flight simulator game Kerbal Space Program and showed that its design was flawed.

Investigating the 'Frontiers' Design

In a video, a content creator known on the digital sphere as 'SWDennis,' put the Frontiers to the test in the Kerbal Space Program. The recorded video, lasting approximately four minutes, illustrates the ship's numerous botched attempts at flight and subsequent crashes in various settings. Contrary to what some might think, the problem wasn't pilot error but were due to inherent design flaws.

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Identified Design Flaws

According to the creator, who uses the alias 'Space_Scumbag,' the spacecraft's main thrusters are not aligned with the center of mass, which leads to the ship pitching down and crashing. Furthermore, a ship designed like Frontiers would require exhaust pipes of considerable length that would virtually act as destructive plasma blades every time the ship launched or landed.

Kerbal Space Program Gamer Demonstrates Starfield

The Reality of 'Frontier' in 'Starfield'

While Starfield's version of Frontier might work in its fantastical space exploration setting, realistically, its current design stands no chance of successful space travel or safely ferrying its passengers from one planet to another. SWDennis was blunt in his critique, labeling the design as 'nonsense' and predicting that upon launch, the vessel would instantly spin out of control and crash.

The Positivity in Discovering 'Frontier's' Flaws

The silver lining in these revelations is that Starfield players, despite Frontier's design defying basic aerodynamics principles, will be able to traverse the universe in their dream spacecraft. With Starfield offering ship customization options, players can ignore the laws of physics and concentrate on exploring and enjoying the game's vast universe.