Ingenious Player Discovers Advanced Stealing Method in Bethesda's Starfield

An ingenious player in Bethesda's space exploration game, Starfield, has discovered a sophisticated stealing technique using a trash bin to execute a high-stake theft, leading to an intriguing interaction with the game.

Bethesda's Latest Game: Starfield - Innovations and Unexpected Strategies

Bethesda's latest release, Starfield, has been garnering ample attention due to its innovative mechanics and expansive universe. The game is a captivating space exploration RPG, which has been made available for early access before the official launch on September 6. The gaming community is already fervently sharing gameplay footage featuring impressive feats, unique discoveries, and amusing glitches. The game is expectedly filled with all the quirks that fans associate with a Bethesda title, such as NPCs with unsettling staring habits and players being trolled by in-game spam calls.

Unique Player Tactics: The Infamous Trash Bin Heist

What has most recently grabbed the attention of the Starfield community is how an ingenious player employed a trash bin to pull off a daring heist within the game. The player shared a clip, demonstrating how they cleverly used a trash bin to steal an 'Advanced Old Earth Hunting Rifle' valued at 12,314 credits.

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They initiated the theft by picking up a trash bin, out of the shopkeeper's sight in The Well area of New Atlantis. They subsequently used the bin to dislodge the rifle from the shelf and carefully nudged it out of the store unnoticed. Finally, the player crouched down to safely pick up the rifle, scoring an expensive weapon at the expense of just one additional minute of gameplay.

Ingenious Player Discovers Advanced Stealing Method in Bethesda

Player Creativity in Starfield

This creative thieving method is a comical adaptation of the Skyrim bucket trick, where players would simply put a bucket over an NPC’s head and loot freely. While this method is no longer effective in Starfield, with the use of bins over NPCs’ heads failing to facilitate theft, the determination of Starfield players to find inventive ways to interact with the game's mechanics proves that the real adventure lies in the creativity of the players and not just the game's narrative. Whether it's concocting clever methods to steal or dealing with quirky NPCs, it is clear that Starfield players are truly making the most of the game's mechanics.