Improvements To Come in Starfield's First Patch & Future Updates

Starfield's first patch introduces minor improvements with big features expected in future updates.

Starfield Game's First Patch: Hotfix 1.7.29

The first patch for the acclaimed Starfield game, hotfix 1.7.29, focuses on minor changes. Promised in the ballpark for future updates are new food options, DLSS support, a FOV Slider, and more. In spite of its popular reception, Starfield launched without several anticipated features. The absence of DLSS support much to the disappointment of the PC audience is one noticeable omission, and many found it unusual that the game lacks FOV Slider functionality.

Issues and Shortcomings

Regardless, Bethesda Game Studios is aware of the issues troubling its latest venture. Even though some minor issues have been resolved in the first hotfix, the more severe shortcomings will not be addressed for an unspecified duration.

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Hotfix and Future Modifications

In a communication to the gaming community, Bethesda Game Studios disclosed patch notes for Starfield's first hotfix and outlined its plans for subsequent modifications. The inaugural patch—Update 1.7.29—was released on September 13, specifically targeting performance glitches, stability issues, and a few quest-related challenges. The recorded changes in 1.7.29 patch notes include performance and stability enhancements such as improved stability related to installations on Xbox Series X|S and various stability and performance enhancements to reduce crashes and improve framerate. Fixes were also made to certain quests that were previously plagued by potential quest blockers.

Improvements To Come in Starfield

The game developers promise bigger features will be incorporated later in time. Post the September 13 hotfix, gamers can 'expect a regular interval of updates that have top community-requested features. Some of these proposed updates comprise Brightness and Contrast controls, HDR Calibration Menu, an FOV Slider, Nvidia DLSS Support (PC), 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC), and an Eat button for food. Players, especially, will welcome the upcoming FOV and DLSS Support though there is as yet no information regarding when these particular Starfield updates will be implemented.