God of War Director Hails Starfield as Greatest Single-Player Game Ever

Acclaimed video game designer David Jaffe, best known for directing the original God of War and Twisted Metal games, has lavished high praise on Bethesda's latest sci-fi game Starfield, describing it as the greatest single-player game ever.

Bethesda's Venture into Science Fiction: Starfield

Bethesda's recent venture into the science fiction genre, Starfield, has caught the attention of the gaming community and has industry professionals singing its praises. David Jaffe, the creative mind behind the first God of War and Twisted Metal games, declared it the greatest single-player game after completing it himself.

Reception of Starfield

Starfield received a warm reception from players. The game was praised for its open-world, plot, and technical achievements. Despite some bugs and issues, players have embraced Bethesda's initial foray into science fiction with enthusiasm.

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Industry Support and Praise

Industry veterans and devoted Bethesda supporters alike have commended the studio’s work, praising the unique gaming experience offered by the title. David Jaffe expressed his support for Starfield, urging other players to give it a try.

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Upon finishing the game himself, Jaffe declared Starfield to be the greatest single-player game ever created. Following the proclamation, reactions poured in, prompting a discussion amongst those who enjoyed the game and those who were less than impressed.

Jaffe's Starfield Experience

"It’s STARFIELD. At the moment, it’s the best single-player game I’ve ever played. Everything I was hoping for and more. So excited to go live to talk about it," shared Jaffe via his latest post.

He further revealed that it took him nearly two and a half days to complete the game, expressing his gratitude to Bethesda and Xbox in the process.

Player Reactions

Comments started to roll in as soon as Jaffe shared his thoughts. Opinions were mixed, with one user stating, "Insane praise by the man himself. It’s definitely my game of the year (GotY) and easily one of Bethesda’s best games", while another remarked, "It’s the most 'meh' game I’ve ever played, personally."

Get into the Action

Starfield is currently available on Game Pass. As a result, now is the best time to dive into this new adventure. For up-to-date news and guides about the game, players are encouraged to explore the Starfield page. The page includes a comprehensive list of all main story missions, skills, factions, console commands, difficulty levels, achievements, skill books, gameplay tips, and more. If you're embarking on your own journey through the stars, this is an invaluable resource.