Gamemaster Flies Straight to Pluto in Starfield Video Game

Content creator Alanah Pearce set a record of sorts by flying continuously for 7 hours in Starfield to reach Pluto, demonstrating that interplanetary travel without fast travel is possible.Alanah Pearce's Journey in <a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>

The Extraordinary Journey of Alanah Pearce in Starfield

Alanah Pearce, a recognized video game writer and content creator, embarked on a prodigious adventure in the vast universe of the Starfield video game. She aimed to demonstrate that planet hopping without the use of fast travel is feasible. Yet, it was a tour de force, with her flying for an unwavering seven hours before making it to Pluto.

Fast Travel Contention

Though Starfield offers a massive universe with lurking secrets ready for players to unravel, the mechanism of getting from one place to another has been a point of contention for some. Many players have discovered the possibility of fast travel without pulling up a menu, but have expressed disappointment over the game's reliance on this function for significant moves across the expansive map.

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Pearce's Determination

However, Pearce was determined to test if there was an alternative to the fast-travel function. She courageously set out on a journey to Pluto, steering through the inky vastness of the cosmos in an unwavering line for nearly seven hours, to demonstrate the possibility of such an unassisted voyage.

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The Voyage to Pluto

Fully aware of the considerable time this expedition would take, Pearce converted the trip into an experimental livestream, setting her voyage and going to bed while her ship cruised along in autopilot mode. After some fixing when her controller switched off automatically, the voyage took about 7 hours to reach Pluto.

Landing on Pluto

Nevertheless, the landing on Pluto was not as triumphant as she might have expected. As Pearce neared Pluto, the graphic resolution faltered, making the planet's representation less distinct than the designers would have intended. Upon reaching Pluto, Pearce found that her avatar passed through the planet. An apparent glitch then seemed to transport her back into open space within the blink of an eye.

The Impact of the Journey

Though it was a somewhat disheartening conclusion to her excursion, Pearce's feat affirmed that unassisted interplanetary travel is possible in Starfield. The journey also shed light on the game's scheme, highlighting how combat arenas are set within the solar system rather than encapsulating users in a confined illusory skybox.

Attempts and Results

Despite the success of reaching Pluto, an attempt to chart a course towards the sun and fly for another five hours yielded less fruitful results. To her surprise, there was hardly any noticeable movement on the map, further cementing the magnitude of Starfield’s universe.

Future of Interplanetary Travel in Starfield

While manual and direct interplanetary travel and landing might not be feasible currently, gamers are hopeful to see modifications with the advent of fan-based programming modifications. Only time will tell what exciting developments are in store for players in the colossal universe of Starfield.

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