Futurama's Planet Express Ship Brought to Life in Starfield Game

In the space age game, Starfield, one player has taken a deep dive into the custom ship builder and re-created the Planet Express from the much-loved animated series Futurama. This marks an exciting development for players who are keen on spacefaring adventures.

Starfield's Pop Culture Creations

Since its release, Starfield has captured player's imagination with its custom ship builder. With the possibility to model creations on pop culture references such as Batman's Batwing or the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, players have kept busy in Bethesda’s RPG.

Futurama's Planet Express in Starfield

While players have been busy bringing their favorite ships to life, one player took it a step further and added fresh content to the game's universe by re-creating the Planet Express ship from the animated TV series Futurama. This has opened up new avenues for players to live out their spacefaring fantasies.

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Futurama's Fan Base

Respected for its sci-fi themes and over-the-top humor, Futurama has a dedicated fan base, making this addition a welcome surprise. The iconic ship, closely resembling that in the show, was created meticulously and adds a new jolt of excitement for players.


Symbolic Icon

The Planet Express ship from the series is not just visually distinctive but is also symbolic of the crew's many interstellar adventures. Now, with this in-depth reproduction by one Starfield player, fans can enjoy their own experiences searing through galaxies in their Planet Express ship.

The Player responsible for the Reproduction

The player, known as ‘SP7R,’ has managed to recreate the classic ship in great detail, from allocating the right decals to mimicking the overall design. However, those looking to replicate the same ship must bear in mind that it may not be a straightforward task as the player modded a specific vendor to sell all ship parts, making this build possible.

A Handy Guide

For those serious about navigating the Starfield universe in the Planet Express, player SP7R has shared a handy guide on how to build the ship from scratch. They detailed the entire process, making it easier for players to recreate the legendary ship in their games.

Guides for Further Exploration

After building the ship, there are other guides available for Starfield players to help further their exploration journey. These include various skillsets, mod support information, ways to navigate the universe, and more. This means that players can live out the rest of their Futurama fantasy with a well-equipped ship and skills, navigating complex universes with ease.