Dr Disrespect's reactions to recent negative response concerning Starfield stream

Dr Disrespect, a popular streamer, faced criticism over Starfield-related comments. He spoke on this, emphasizing the importance of keeping politics out of gaming.

Dr Disrespect Embroiled in Controversy Over Pronoun Comments

Dr Disrespect, a prominent figure in the gaming world, recently made headlines after facing backlash over comments he made during a stream of Bethesda's new space RPG, Starfield. This game has quickly drawn the public's attention following the streamer's pointed observation that players could select pronouns for their characters during the creation process.

This discovery, coupled with a glimpse at Pete Hines, Bethesda’s head of publishing, who includes his pronouns in his bio, prompted a remark from Dr Disrespect: "Everything’s starting to make sense."

YouTube Streamer Dr Disrespect Challenges Starfield's Space Combat
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Dr Disrespect's Fallout With Bethesda

Further controversy followed when Dr Disrespect revealed he had been denied a deal to collaborate with Bethesda due to his involvement in 'past controversies.' This admission quickly circulated across various social media platforms, prompting a wave of speculation and discourse.

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect's Stand on Politics in Gaming

Seeking to address the unfolding drama, Dr Disrespect decided to clarify his position on the inclusion of politics in the gaming sphere during a stream on September 4. He stated emphatically, "As you know on this channel, and it’s been like this since we started, we don’t deal with politics. You just won’t win. You got your extreme left, you got your extreme right. We don’t deal with them."

Such sentiments echo his former statements. Notably, he had previously criticized Activision’s decision to removeNICKMERCS’ Call of Duty skin as 'embarrassing' and stated flatly his refusal to engage in political dialogue.

Dr Disrespect on Gaming and Personal Background

As he sought to clear misunderstandings and set the record straight, Dr Disrespect underscored the belief that personal backgrounds hold no significance in the world of gaming. "It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you’re from...white, Mexican, black, gay, lesbian, trans, it doesn’t matter...because it’s showtime here. It’s that simple. We don’t care," he asserted.

The Mystery of Dr Disrespect's 'Past Controversies'

It remains unclear which 'past controversies' led Bethesda to decline a collaboration with Dr Disrespect. Notably, beyond the aforementioned issue involving NICKMERCS, Dr Disrespect was famously banned from Twitch in the summer of 2020 in a series of events that remain shrouded in mystery and have left the public curious and puzzled.