Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Criticizes Unfavorable Video Comparisons against Starfield

A developer from Cyberpunk 2077 recently called out a viral video that unfairly compares the game to open-world RPG, Starfield. ```html

Game Developer Critiques Viral Comparison Video

A developer from the widely-acclaimed game, Cyberpunk 2077, recently criticized a viral video that draws adverse comparisons between the game and another high-profile open-world RPG, Starfield. The video directly pins the two games against each other.

Starfield: Reception and Criticism

Starfield entered the market receiving mainly positive reviews, with critics and gamers alike lauding its degree of customization and the experience of planetary exploration. However, a game as large as Starfield is inevitably bound to run into glitches and bugs occasionally - a notion defended by Bethesda's head of publishing in a recent interview.

Starfield has been the recent center of attention in the world of AAA titles. Proponents of the game highlight its exciting features, while critics argue about certain elements they find uninspiring, particularly the game’s planetary exploration, which some players refer to as 'boring'.

Comparisons with Cyberpunk 2077

Certain players have started to use other open-world RPGs, such as Cyberpunk 2077, to showcase a perceived lack of detail in the world of Starfield.

Senior quest designer for Cyberpunk 2077, Patrick K Mills, responded to the viral comparison video, finding the comparisons unfair and somewhat hypocritical. The video presented examples of how Starfield lacks the detailed realism found in Cyberpunk 2077.

Mills' Response and Reflections on Cyberpunk 2077

Mills commented on the changing times, criticizing this kind of fake criticism as harmful for the gaming community.

CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077 faced massive backlash online in 2020 due to numerous bugs and glitches at the time of its release. While patches have since rectified the majority of these issues, Mills clearly remembers the extent of negative feedback Cyberpunk 2077 received within the gaming community. He also mentioned several videos mocking the game’s glitches.

The quest designer went so far as to point out the futility of the Starfield vs Cyberpunk 2077 debate, stating that the comparison doesn't provide meaningful insight or critique.

Advice for Gamers

He further encouraged gamers to refer to our Starfield page for all the latest news and guides to ensure your interstellar quest goes smoothly.