Bethesda's Starfield Clocks Record Breaking Launch Numbers

In record breaking news, Bethesda's release of Starfield sees the game company celebrate one of the biggest launches of all time, in terms of player count. Bethesda's <a href='' alt='Starfield'>Starfield</a> Success

Acclaimed Game Developer Bethesda Revels in Success

Acclaimed game developer Bethesda, is reveling in the success of its largest launch ever, Starfield. The video game has already reported a staggering player count and several key players in the industry are expressing their delight at this achievement. Starfield has positioned itself as a generational role-playing game (RPG). Although there have been a variety of reviews about the game, what can't be denied is its raging popularity. Prior to its release, Starfield surpassed esteemed titles such as Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) and League of Legends to become the most-watched game on Twitch.

Viewer Numbers Versus Player Numbers

Despite not attracting as many viewers as other 2023 releases such as Hogwarts Legacy and Diablo 4, Starfield has proven itself as one of the greatest games of the year. What Bethesda deems worthy of celebration though, is not viewership, but the number of players. The Starfield Twitter account announced on September 8 that the game had amassed over 6 million players since its global launch, making it Bethesda's most-played title on its release day.

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Comparisons with Successful Predecessors

A comparison would be how Fallout 4 sold an estimated 5.2 million copies in its first week and predecessor Skyrim sold 3.4 million within two days of release. Starfield outperformed both in just a single day. Available on Game Pass on launch day, both PC and Xbox players have been able to play the game at no extra cost, undoubtedly contributing to these remarkable figures.


Industry Recognition and Support

The impressive feat of accumulating 6 million players in a single day is significant, especially considering the game's exclusivity and loss of PlayStation players, a player base which historically proves to be extensive for Bethesda games. Key figures in the gaming industry, including PlayStation developers, praised Bethesda's work on Starfield and its record breaking achievement. Hideo Kojima, esteemed game developer, too has shown his support in amplifying the game’s player count.

The Future for Bethesda and Starfield

While the future is uncertain for Bethesda and Starfield, surpassing Skyrim's sales figures of 60 million units sold since its 2011 release could be a possibility. If Bethesda considers releasing multiple versions of Starfield within the next decade, akin to Skyrim's release strategy, they may well be within reach of achieving this target.