Bethesda’s Starfield Receives Praise in Early Access Phase

Starfield, Bethesda’s new sci-fi adventure game, receives positive response from players. Humorous mods are already making their mark, the most peculiar of which features Xbox boss, Phil Spencer.

Bethesda’s New Adventure: Starfield Enters Early Access

Bethesda’s new and thrilling sci-fi adventure, Starfield, has just entered its early access phase and has already started receiving commendations from the players. The release, backed by Xbox Studios, is now available on PC.

Initial Impressions of Starfield

The early access release of Starfield has been an adrenaline rush for myriad players. The idea of venturing into the massive depths of space, unveiling the unseen mysteries of the cosmos, and commandeering their own spaceship has sparked awe and anticipation among the gaming community.

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Gaming Community's Feedback

Players have lauded the game for its stunning graphics, detailed environment design, and the immersive experience of charting their course through the stars. The interest level in the gaming community accelerated when players began showcasing their creativity with spaceship designs and creating mods for missing features.

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Recent Mods and Improvements

While recent mods feature additions like DLSS and FOV adjustment, the most interesting one yet is the integration of Xbox boss Phil Spencer into the game’s flashlight feature.

The Whimsical Phil Spencer Flashlight Mod

In what might be the most whimsical Starfield mod yet, a flashlight projecting Phil Spencer's image has been added to the game, thanks to the inventive modders under the ongoing early access of Starfield. With the mod activated, a player's flashlight projects a beam of light in the shape of Phil Spencer's face.

Gaming Community's Response to the Mod

An array of humorous tributes and jests have stemmed from the gaming community who finds it fun to acknowledge the mastermind behind the colossal game. For instance, one commentator revealed their trust in Spencer, stating: 'In Phil, we trust to lead the way.'

Another player suggested calling on Spencer the same way Gotham summoned Batman, quipping, 'But it is working like a bat signal, if you do it too long and in the sky, Phil will call you.' A third player hailed the innovative mod, saying, 'This is actually brilliant. The mod community will make this game an 11/10.'

Looking Forward to the Official Release

With Starfield’s official release date fast-approaching, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are eagerly waiting to jump on the exciting journey from day one. An alternative method has also been made available for them to play during the ongoing early access period of the game.

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