Bethesda Incorporates Iconic Skyrim Line into Starfield

Video game developer Bethesda has included an iconic line from its game Skyrim in its newest release, Starfield, delighting fans who discovered the Easter Egg on the first day of early access launch.

Starfield's Early Access Launch: A Nod to Skyrim

On the first day of its early access launch, Bethesda's latest spacefaring RPG, Starfield, included a nod to Skyrim's most iconic line of dialogue that quickly became the talk of the gaming community.

High anticipation leads to exciting discoveries

Starfield's early access launch has arrived after years of high anticipation, and millions of eager players across both PC and Xbox are already diving into the vast universe. Among the exciting discoveries made early on, an iconic Easter Egg referencing a memorable line from Skyrim was found, thrilling the gamer community.

Update notes for Starfield version 1.7.36.
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Rising to prominence: the iconic line

One screenshot in particular rose to prominence online in the early hours after the embargo for reviews lifted. The screenshot showcased Starfield's tribute to Skyrim's adventurer, who experienced an unfortunate conclusion. The memorable line - "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee…" - has remained a favorite among gamers since its initial appearance in 2011. Various other titles have humorously referenced the quote, and now, Bethesda has stamped it once more in their latest release.

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Finding Easter Eggs: a glimpse into Bethesda's lore

Despite Starfield's colossal scope, this particular homage didn't remain hidden for long. Given the magnitude of the game, it's likely that there are other subtle Easter eggs referencing earlier Elder Scrolls and Fallout games awaiting discovery. In Starfield, a character known as a Colonist can be heard starting to recite the famous line, "I used to be an explorer too." However, he stops short of finishing the quote, stating instead, "But then I… No, never mind. It’s a long story." This amusing interaction clearly mirrors the beloved adventurer from Skyrim, but leaves the fate of the Colonist's knee a mystery.

Bethesda's fascination with knee injuries

The reason for Bethesda's fixation on inflicting harm on its non-playable characters' (NPCs) knees remains a humorous part of the company's lore. What's undeniable, however, is how this infamous line will continue to resonate with gamers for generations to come.

The exploration continues in Starfield

The Starfield's early access launch is now underway, and players eager to encounter this familiar-sounding Colonist should keep an eye out as they explore the new universe. This peculiar Easter Egg is just one of the many surprises that await in Bethesda's latest game release.