AMD CEO Open to DLSS Incorporation in Starfield Pending Bethesda's Approval

AMD's CEO, Lisa Su suggests that utilising DLSS technology in Bethesda's Starfield could be a possibility, if the developer expresses interest.

AMD CEO Suggests Potential Partnership with Bethesda Game Studios

The CEO of Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD), Lisa Su, has suggested a potential partnership with Bethesda Game Studios for the incorporation of Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) into their highly anticipated game, Starfield. She spoke at an all-hands meeting recently, stating her company's readiness to partner on this venture should Bethesda express interest.

About DLSS

DLSS, a product of Nvidia, is an AI rendering technology that enhances gaming graphics using machine learning. It increases frame rates and produces sharper images by upscaling lower resolutions. With Starfield being one of the most awaited games of 2023, the integration of DLSS could significantly add to its appeal.

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AMD's Role

During her speech, Su discussed AMD's role as a technological powerhouse and its willingness to work with game developers to enhance gaming experiences. 'If Bethesda has a desire to implement DLSS into Starfield or their other games, we will be supportive,' she confirmed.

AMD CEO Open to DLSS Incorporation in Starfield Pending Bethesda

However, she noted that Bethesda ultimately holds the power to decide whether or not to integrate DLSS into Starfield. Su emphasised that any implementation of DLSS would need to be specifically requested by the developers, underlining the importance of AMD's respect for the developers' autonomy.

The Potential Impact on Starfield

This open-ended statement from the AMD CEO certainly adds an element of excitement for Starfield's fanbase, indicating the potential for enhanced gaming graphics. The applicable use of DLSS in Starfield can offer gamers a richer and more immersive experience to the depth of the game's expansive universe.

It's worth noting that DLSS is known for improving gameplay performance, significantly increasing frame rates and enhancing the quality of images. Therefore, if Bethesda decides to incorporate the technology into Starfield, an already highly-anticipated game may witness another notch up in terms of graphic quality and performance.

The Future of Gaming Graphics

While the final decision rests with Bethesda Game Studios, AMD remains supportive, underlining their commitment to delivering the best gaming experience. The integration of DLSS into Starfield could potentially set a new standard for gaming graphics and could colour the approach of many AAA game developers toward graphic rendering in the future. So, it is indeed interesting to see which course Bethesda will chart for Starfield and future projects.