The Best Builds for Defeating Ashava

The best builds for defeating the world boss Ashava in Diablo 4

Ashava, the monstrous embodiment of fury and chaos, stands as one of the formidable bosses in the upcoming Diablo IV. Defeating this powerful adversary requires strategic planning, skillful execution, and a well-crafted character build. In this article, we will explore some of the best builds that can help players overcome the challenges posed by Ashava, allowing them to emerge victorious in the eternal conflict.

The Stormcaller Sorceress

The Stormcaller Sorceress harnesses the elemental forces to devastating effect. By specializing in lightning and ice spells, this build excels at dealing ranged damage while maintaining control over the battlefield. Utilize spells like Chain Lightning, Frozen Orb, and Blizzard to unleash a torrent of elemental fury upon Ashava. Enhance your survivability with defensive abilities like Teleport and Energy Shield, enabling you to maneuver quickly and shield yourself from Ashava’s relentless attacks.

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The Hurricane Druid

The Hurricane Druid harnesses the power of wind to blow enemies into the depths of hell. Choose Wind Shear as your basic skill and Pulverize as your core skill. Wind Shear will let you hit Ashava at range and Pulverize can be paired with some amazing Legendary Aspects to lay on even more damage. Choose Cyclone Armor as your defensive skill and pick up Vine Creeper as a companion skill, which has recently been buffed. All of these skills synergize nicely with one another to help the Druid blast away Ashava.

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The Shadowblade Rogue

The Shadowblade Rogue employs speed, precision, and deadly finesse to outmaneuver and dismantle Ashava. This build relies on critical strikes, evasion, and poison-inflicting abilities to whittle down the boss’s health. Skills like Foreceful Arrow, Shadow Step, and Twisting Blade allow you to strike swiftly and retreat before Ashava can counterattack. Invest in passive skills that enhance critical hit chance, evasion, and poison damage to maximize the build’s effectiveness.