New Character in Diablo 4 Expansion Revealed Through Data Leak

Discussing a recent data leak that potentially provides a first look into the new character class being introduced in the first expansion of Diablo 4, titled 'Vessel of Hatred'.

It seems that the upcoming Diablo 4's first expansion, aptly named 'Vessel of Hatred', might have got its first character class identified through a data leak. Dataminers discovered a leaked filename that potentially provides insights into the future trajectory of the game and its players.

Coded information from the leak points towards the potential return to a familiar location, namely, the world of Sanctuary. Speculations suggest that this could signify the introduction of a specific Diablo character class originating from here. The data leak shows various filenames containing the term Kurast, a jungle city that players initially encountered in Diablo 2.

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The main objective in Diablo 2 was to stop the demonic raid led by Diablo’s brother, Mephisto, through the darkened alleys of Kurast. It seems the players might have to revisit the city in the upcoming expansion, further strengthening the theories regarding the new character class.

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Interestingly, Mephisto's role becomes critical in the expansion as he is portrayed as the primary antagonist in Vessel of Hatred. With Mephisto possibly initiating another offensive on Kurast, players may have to return to the jungle city. This potential return could also mean seeking reinforcements from its native warriors.

The Witch Doctors from Kurast are renowned for their battle prowess and might become a potential new character class in Diablo 4. Fans speculate that the game's developers might use this expansion to bring back the Witch Doctor class into the Diablo universe.

The inclusion of Witch Doctors in Diablo 4 would be ideal, primarily because it links well with the lore of the upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion. Furthermore, this reintroduction would amplify the gameplay, making it more engaging for the players.

Based on the lore, Witch Doctors may not be pleased with Mephisto and his demon horde's return to Kurast. Especially after the extensive destruction caused by them in Diablo 2, Witch Doctors would ideally want to eradicate the impending threat once and for all.

While one can speculate that Mephisto might have returned to Kurast in search of something from his previous conquest, the return could also signify revisiting a location absent since Diablo 2. Even though Diablo 3 presented similar locations, it is Kurast that players associate with Mephisto and the Witch Doctor character class.

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A trailer showcasing a jungle location and temples bearing striking resemblance to Kurast and its surroundings suggests the credibility of the leak. The depicted areas appear similar to those in the game, which indicates that the leak might indeed be genuine, adding to the excitement of the players.

Despite these clues, some skepticism exists regarding the addition of the Witch Doctor class. Critics argue that the Witch Doctor is too similar to the existing Necromancer and Druid classes, which focus on conjuring and controlling minions or reanimating the dead to aid in battles.

The opposing views, however, overlook the existence of both Necromancer and Witch Doctor as separate classes in Diablo 3. This fact substantiates the possibility of the return of the Witch Doctor class, despite their functional similarities with the existing ones.

Further information can strengthen these assumptions about the next Diablo 4 character class. Players are eagerly awaiting more substantial pieces of evidence that can confirm or debunk these speculations.

In conclusion, these early discoveries and debates are adding to the anticipation of the game's release. If the speculations turn out to be true, the introduction of Witch Doctor as a new character in Diablo 4's first expansion, Vessel of Hatred, could prove to be a game-changer for its players.