Diablo 4's Mother’s Blessing Weekend a Huge Success, Players Call for Permanent Feature

The recent Mother’s Blessing Weekend event in Diablo 4, offering increased XP and Gold rewards to players, was enthusiastically received by the community, with many users advocating for such bonuses to become a permanent game feature. <a href='https://thegamerchronicles.com/diablo' alt='Diablo'> Diablo </a> 4 Mother's Blessing Weekend

The Diablo 4 Mother’s Blessing Weekend

An event eagerly awaited by the game's community, provides players an opportunity to earn more Diablo 4 XP and Gold. Across the player base, the consensus leans towards making this a permanent feature.

Progression in Diablo 4

One recurring aspect in Diablo 4 is the concept of progression. Players often feel that advancing, particularly at higher levels, can be somewhat slow. Hence, the introduction of increased Diablo 4 XP and Gold through the Mother’s Blessing Weekend was widely appreciated.

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Event duration and Bonus

From September 1 to September 5, Diablo 4 users could earn 25% extra XP and Gold, a significant boost that left many players wanting more. To such an extent that they are now urging game developer Blizzard to make this short-term benefit a standard feature.

Diablo 4

Players' Reaction

A Diablo 4 user, Danwix, cheered for the increased rewards to become a constant game component. He expressed that the enhanced XP and gold earnings made it feel like it's possible to make real progress. Another user echoed this sentiment, arguing that a permanent increase would not only be an improvement, but also that future XP and Gold bonus events could be even more generous, proposing a 100% increase during weekends.

The Diablo 3 Legacy

Seasoned Diablo players might recall a similar scenario with Diablo 3. One user recalled an instance when the legendary drop rate was doubled during a weekend event, and due to the positive player response, the increase was made permanent – a development that many hope will be replicated here.

Continued Discussion

A second discussion thread mirrored the calls for keeping the XP boost for the remainder of the season. Players argue that the only ones who continue playing are those leveling alt characters or new players struggling to reach their first character to level 100. Given these circumstances, it's suggested that keeping the seasonal XP gain boosted would help retain the existing players and possibly attract new ones, breaking away from the game's repetitive and slow nature.

Blizzard Is Now Under the Spotlight

With the event set to last for one more day, Blizzard is now under the spotlight due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the boost. As the number of players logging into Diablo 4 each day remains high, and continues to rise as Season 2 approaches, the calls for making the boosts permanent might just become reality.