Diablo 4: Season 3 and the Controversy Surrounding Minion Builds

An in-depth look into Diablo 4 players' doubts about the improvement of minion builds for characters like Druids and Necromancers in the forthcoming Season 3.

Diablo 4, a renowned game notorious for its intricate and captivating gameplay, is anticipating the reveal of its third season. Regardless, regular players have shown skepticism regarding upcoming adjustments for popular characters, Necromancers and Druids, specifically their minion builds. These apprehensions emerge from traditional challenges concerning these configurations within the endgame phase.

When Diablo 4 was announced, players hoped for positive alterations for Necromancers, generally regarding the optimization of minion builds. Some fans pointed out that the optimal build usually included character sacrifices, leading to a decrease in minions, an unpopular concept among the player-base.

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With the announcement of Season 3, players hoped that build improvements would come. However, anxieties lingered following recent discussions within the game's community, specifically a gathering known as the Campfire Chat. The alteration most players hoped for seems unlikely to materialize, leading to a growing exasperation within the player-base.

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Despite Blizzard’s efforts to engage with its audience regularly, skepticism and frustration persist. Discussions centered around the future of minion builds, the topic of countless debates among Diablo 4 players, have emerged yet again, causing rifts within the community.

Blizzard's latest Developer Update stream offered players a glimpse into the upcoming changes in Season 3, including a new questline and seasonal companion. While Druid and Sorcerer users eagerly anticipate freshly introduced Uniques, disappointment transcends the community, particularly focused on the lack of improvements for Necromancers and Druids.

Community members flooded the game’s subreddit to voice their feelings, expressing profound disappointment toward the treatment of the minion endgame builds. Their grievances are aimed at Blizzard for neglecting a fundamental aspect of the game that many players consider significant.

Within one of several threads surfacing in the subreddit, a user contended that Blizzard fails to consider minions as an integral component of the gameplay. He pointed out that although minor improvements may occur, a complete overhaul of the system, which most players believe essential, is not on Blizzard’s agenda.

He drew attention to multiple issues with minion-centric builds in the game. For example, many necessary utilities from minions fail to work as anticipated. There remain countless bugs within the Defenders and Bone golem characters, while Reaper corpse spawns continue to be problematic areas within the game.

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Moreover, he noted that minions often fail to inflict sufficient damage due to their flawed artificial intelligence, reinforcing the assertion of ineffectiveness for minion-centric builds.

Similarly, in a different thread, another user queried what it would take for Blizzard to provide substantial improvements for characters' minions such as the ones for Druids and Necromancers.

Comments on the thread mirrored this sentiment, with many agreeing to await the patch release with little hope for actual improvements. One person noted that it would be an ironic situation considering the theme of the new season revolves around having a pet, an aspect of gameplay similar to the minions.

However, not all members of the community shared these sentiments. Some users highlighted their success with specific builds, implying their competence, such as the werewolf druid build.

While opinions vary across the wide range of player experiences, there is a clear consensus among Druid and Necromancer players. The hope is clear: they want to see enhancements for their beloved classes.