Blizzard's Diablo 4 Annual Expansions Confirmed, Stirring Controversy Among Players

The recent confirmation of annual expansions for Diablo 4 by Blizzard is causing discontent among users calling it a cash grab. Some players also compared it with the strategies of other games.

Diablo 4's Annual Expansions: A Wave of Reactions by Players

Blizzard has recently confirmed that Diablo 4 will be introducing annual expansions sparking a wave of reactions from players, many of whom are categorising this move as a ground for monetisation.

Mother’s Blessing Weekend Surprise

During the recent 'Mother’s Blessing Weekend', the player community experienced a boost in their game with an additional 25% XP and Gold. This came as a positive surprise that was well-received by the users, with many hoping for it to become a regular feature.

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Impending News on Annual Expansions

Nonetheless, this rejoicing encounter felt like a setback with the unveiling of the recent expansion news. Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson confirmed that there will be annual expansions on the way. Rumours of a $40-60 price tag for each content add-on and seasonal Battle Passes left players with a bitter taste.


Player Reaction

When discussing the issue, a player expressed frustration saying, “The game hasn’t even been out one year, and they're already talking about paid YEARLY expansion? There are so many things to still fix, and they're talking about expansion less than a year into the game’s lifespan, and the game is already a live service game with a battle pass ($15)?”

There's a general dissatisfaction among players regarding various aspects of the game especially related to the 'tedious grind.' The recent introduction of annual expansions and Battle Passes is rubbing salt into this wound. It's particularly considered unfair by many users comparing it with the absence of such additional costs in rival games such as Baldur’s Gate 3. One user exclaimed, “It’s a 70 dollar game with in-game transactions and cosmetics. Jesus.” Another player pointed at similar strategies by other games like Destiny setting an example for this.

Many lifelong fans are finding it increasingly challenging to support Diablo 4 further. A user stated, “It sucks people even defend Diablo 4. Diablo 4 is an embarrassment. It’s a cash grab that’s hardly different than Immortal, and it’s horrifically boring after the campaign. It really sucks too because 1-50 and the story were a lot of fun.”

Diablo Series - A Look Back

Previous versions of the Diablo series were known to charge for expansions that added new character classes and Acts to the game. But Diablo 4 being a more significant project, the decision to introduce an expansion every year might stir different perspectives among the fan base.

What Can Be Expected?

With Diablo 4 expected to run for a couple more years, it remains conjectural whether Blizzard will continue with the annual expansion model. Nevertheless, the continuation of the Battle Pass is likely to persist into Diablo 4 Season 2.

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