The Battle within - Custom Characters in Baldur’s Gate 3

The struggle of a player when choosing between creating a custom character or selecting a pre-made one in the game Baldur’s Gate 3.

The world of Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an irresistible temptation for gamers that is nothing short of a moral dilemma. The predicament herein lies in whether to create a customized character or opt in for one of the pre-made ones; both choices fraught with implications and resultant narratives.

The appeal of creating a personalized character cannot be understated. It allows the player to step into the shoes of the protagonist, shaping their virtual journey with a unique personal touch. From physical appearance to backstory, every detail is meticulously chosen, further intensifying the gaming experience.

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Despite the allure of molding a character to one's preference, there is also the option of choosing a pre-made character. Each one is designed with a rich backstory, waiting to be unraveled as the plot progresses. Their stories are embedded in the world, providing a sense of realness and belonging.

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While custom characters permit the creativity and personalization to run wild, the pre-set characters offer a different type of immersion. They provide an opportunity to see and interact with the world through their eyes and personal stories and provide a rich, diverse perspective on the narrative.

Charismatic Character vs Personal Projection

The choice seems simple at first glance, but there is an inner conflict that goes far beyond the game aesthetics. It is a struggle between the charm of a well-written character and the desire to project oneself into the game's universe.

Playing a pre-made character often leads to unexpected and exciting narrative developments. Interactions with other characters are informed by these pre-set backgrounds and result in unique narrative occurrences that wouldn’t happen with a custom character.

In stark contrast, creating a personal character provides players with a psychological layer of connection to the game. This deep attachment blooms from the thought and efforts invested in breathing life into these self-created fantastical beings.

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The process of role-playing gets intense when personal characteristics are infused with the game's narrative. It presents an opportunity for players to experience the in-game scenarios directly, thereby living their virtual adventures in the most immersive manner possible.

The Lure of the Premade

The pre-made characters in Baldur's Gate 3 possess intriguing backstories, many carrying deep secrets or past errors yet to be revealed. As the story unfolds, these aspects bring a touch of anticipation and a greater emotional connection to the chosen character.

The diverse races, classes, and backgrounds of pre-made characters broaden the horizon of your gameplay. These distinctive traits trigger unique interactions with the world and its inhabitants, making for an unpredictably fun gaming route.

The temptation often swings toward relishing their stories, irrespective of the fact that these characters might not resonate with the player on a personal level. Nevertheless, the unique narrative dimensions they add vastly overshadow any possible disconnection.

Each NPC's reaction to the pre-made character, the varied dialogues, and unique responses make for a detailed and immersive narrative. After all, every cruel jibe or shocking revelation about a pre-made's past is a delightful narrative moment worth being savoured.

Compelling Customization

On the other hand, creating a personalized avatar allows gamers to live out their wildest fantasies in the immersive world of this role-playing game. The indulgence of building yourself into an elven wizard or a draconic sorcerer is an enticing experience that adds substance to your gaming journey.

The experiences that a personal character undergoes can be heavily related to, amplifying the emotional connect. Moreover, the empowerment from having total control over the characterization intensifies the drama, stakes and outcomes.

Inspiring feats and heroic tales can be created, with players steering their personal characters to adventurously battle powerful foes or navigate grave diplomatic situations. The narrative is compelling, invigorating, and shaped uniquely for each player.

The pleasure of forging your own identity and seeing it reflected in the progression of the game is hard to ignore. This makes the choice of a custom character a deeply personal and rewarding one, in spite of missing out on the multifaceted narratives associated with pre-made characters.


The decision between a customized or pre-made character in Baldur’s Gate 3 often comes down to the player's preference. Both paths present intriguing dimensions to the gameplay, each with its own charm and challenges.

Ultimately, the choice reflects the intent of the player - those seeking an unpredictable storyline may lean towards pre-made characters while others hungering for self-expression and control may find greater joy in custom characters.

The internal debate, however, is a testament to the masterful design elements of Baldur’s Gate 3, and only adds to the richness of the game. This is no small decision, but merely the introduction to a world full of impactful choices, extensive exploration, and grand adventure.

So, will you custom-create your character, or will you step into the well-crafted shoes of a pre-made? The choice, as they say, is all yours.