Streamer Shroud Praises Baldur’s Gate 3 above Starfield

Streamlight Shroud made a remark on a broadcast accentuating Baldur’s Gate and Starfield, indicating that the former outdoes the latter.Shroud's Opinion on Baldur’s Gate 3 and <a href= alt=Starfield>Starfield</a>

The popular streamer and FPS veteran, Shroud, expressed love for both Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield


Speaking in the context of a year that has been a landmark in the gaming industry, seeing an unceasing line of potential Game of the Year contenders, Shroud pointed out two major standouts. Unarguably, both Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield have captured attention, after years of anticipation led to their successful releases. The new Larian Studios title, Baldur’s Gate 3, garnered near-unanimous critical acclaim and staggering commercial success. Bethesda’s new release, Starfield, followed, debuting in September to its own blockbuster launch.

Comparison between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield

With their launches closely timed and exhibiting similarities in their game design, comparisons between the two games have arisen naturally. Shroud jumped into this conversation with a clear standpoint. As one who has spent many hours on Starfield, along with the thousands tuning in with him on Twitch, Shroud has been engrossed in the spacefaring RPG. Before Starfield, it was Baldur’s Gate 3 that dominated his streams.

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Analysis on game design

During one of his latest broadcasts, Shroud started a discussion about the games when a straightforward Starfield quest underscored some limitations. He was assigned a simple fetch quest in the game, to collect an art piece and deliver it to a designated NPC. Shroud was disappointed by what seemed like a lack of depth in the quest design, noting the game didn’t offer alternative methods to complete a task.

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Baldur’s Gate 3

In contrast, Shroud applauded Baldur’s Gate 3 for the unrivaled freedom it offered players, based on the Dungeons & Dragons guidance. He admired how a player could choose to complete a task in a particular way, something that didn’t extend to Starfield. Shroud lauded Baldur’s Gate 3, dubbing it the game of the decade and emphasizing the unforgettable experience the game provided.


In comparison to Baldur's Gate 3, Shroud opined that Bethesda's titles, Starfield for instance, didn't attempt to compete on the same level. Rather, they serve an illusion of choice as opposed to actual, meaningful decision-making abilities in the game, a pretty standard feature in the gaming industry.

Final Note

Towards the end, Shroud strongly urged everyone to experience Baldur's Gate 3, terming it a masterpiece that is a unique and unforgettable gaming milestone.