PlayStation Users Unlock Baldur's Gate 3 Platinum Trophy Using Cross-Save System

PlayStation 5 users unlock the coveted Platinum Trophy early on Baldur’s Gate 3 by employing the cross-save system feature between computer and the PS5.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Platinum Trophy Unlocked On PlayStation 5

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Platinum Trophy has already been unlocked by players on PlayStation 5 (PS5), achieved through the clever use of the cross-save system with their computers.

Easy Transfer Between Platforms

This is made possible by Larian Studios’ implemented account system which allows for an easy transfer of Baldur’s Gate 3 saves between computer and PS5. With the expectation of the Xbox version release later this year, the game’s progress will similarly be transferable between computers and Microsoft-owned consoles. Users can avail this feature by simply creating a free Larian account, activating the cross-save feature on the computer and console, and then logging into their second device.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Set to Introduce Crossplay Feature
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Cross-Save System Efficiency

The functionality of the cross-save system appears to work so efficiently that some PlayStation players have begun unlocking BG3 Trophies via their computer saves. In fact, as of September 5, at least one PS5 user managed to unlock the BG3 Platinum. This is quite an achievement considering the game only launched in early access on September 3.

PlayStation Users Unlock Baldur

Equipped with the cross-save system, players are now able to unlock these Trophies. According to one user, trophies can be unlocked strategically with saves from the computer version. This user claims to have just unlocked tactician and ending trophies.

Challenges with the Transfer Process

However, the exact process by which these Trophy hunters on PS5 managed to transfer their Steam Achievements to Baldur’s Gate 3’s PS5 version remains unclear. In the face of queries surrounding the matter, one user shared how they made a save right at the final choice on their computer, and used cloud save with a Larian account to load that on their PS5, thereby popping those trophies.

Wide Release On PlayStation

Given the absence of specific instructions, it is advisable for PS5 players looking to transfer Achievements to wait until Baldur’s Gate 3 gets its wide release on PlayStation. Transferring Trophy data may not always be straightforward. The good news is that the wait will soon be over as the much-lauded CRPG releases on PS5 on Wednesday, September 6.