Missing Companions: The Missed Opportunities in Baldur's Gate 3

Analysis of iconic Baldur's Gate characters surprisingly absent from the third installment of the game, and how their exclusion is a missed opportunity


Baldur's Gate 3, the latest installment in the legendary RPG series, presents an expansive universe full of characters, both old and new. However, the absence of some iconic characters from the game's rich history has, surprisingly, left some longing for their presence.

Invisibility Mechanics in Baldur's Gate 3
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In the history of gaming, there have been very few universes as expansive and beloved as the one Baldur’s Gate inhabits. We must remember, however, for every character that made it into the game, there are those who didn't:

Missing Companions: The Missed Opportunities in Baldur

One such character is Khalid. His omission from Baldur's Gate 3 is baffling as it undermines the depth of Jaheira's character - the loss of her husband, Khalid, that was witnessed in the game's narrative.

Character Missed: Khalid

Khalid was a significant character in the Baldur's Gate narrative. His loss added a layer of emotional depth to Jaheira's character, molding her tragic overtones.

This could have been revisited in the third installment, contributing to the story's richness. Unfortunately, this opportunity was missed, leaving a surprisingly significant gap in the game's narrative and character development.

His character could have been explored further, giving us a better understanding of the bonds in their relationship, and perhaps even challenging Jaheira in different ways.

Transmogrification in Baldur's Gate 3
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Including Khalid's character in Baldur's Gate 3 could have added a layer of tragedy to Jaheira's narrative, amplifying the emotional complexities of the storyline.

Character Missed: Yoshimo

Another character whose absence in Baldur's Gate 3 has indeed been felt is Yoshimo. In the initial games, his character was a central figure, a heroic protagonist whose narrative was intricately entwined with the story's plot.

Yoshimo's character was far from one-dimensional. His complex persona, dotted with shades of grey, added depth to the game's traditionally binary narrative of good versus evil.

His inclusion in the narrative would have been a fantastic complement to the new characters presented in the third installment. Adding Yoshimo could have presented intriguing narrative opportunities, driving the plot forward while maintaining connection with the rich history of the series.

Potentially, Yoshimo's character could have expanded the narrative perimeter, introducing intriguing subplots and character arcs that would engage players in new and exciting ways.

Character Missed: Aerie

Aerie, another character from the series' history, is surprisingly absent from the recent installment. She would have been a natural choice for storytelling due to her magical abilities.

Furthermore, Aerie's story of loss, recovery, and strength could have added deeper emotional layers to the game. Her personal journey, her struggle with loss, and the strength she displayed were all elements that could have been explored in the game.

Aerie's absence could also be seen as a missed opportunity to inject more diversity into the game. As a character facing her own unique challenges, Aerie would have brought a deeper sense of narrative variety to the third installment of Baldur's Gate.

By including her magical expertise, the game could have offered more variety in terms of abilities and power sets. It would have enabled players to explore more diverse tactical options during gameplay.

Aerie's Guiding Role

Moreover, had Aerie been incorporated into the storyline, she could have served as a mentor to newer characters, guiding them through the complex world of Baldur's Gate. Her rich history with the series and formidable magical powers would have equipped her with valuable wisdom that could have enriched the narrative.

She could have become a beacon, a comforting presence for other playable characters grappling with their new and overwhelming world.

Her wealth of experience and wisdom could have made her an excellent guide for new players, providing a bridge between the game's history and its new direction.

The void left by characters like Aerie, Yoshimo, and Khalid is palpable. Their absence does not diminish the quality of Baldur's Gate 3. Still, their inclusion could have enriched gameplay and narrative potential exponentially.


While Baldur's Gate 3 delivers an incredible gaming experience full of characters and storylines that push the boundaries of narrative complexity and depth, it's undeniable that the absence of some characters from its rich history presents a missed opportunity.

Characters like Khalid, Yoshimo, and Aerie would have brought a connectivity to the past, a nod to the rich history of the series. They would have introduced new dynamics, both in gameplay and narrative possibilities.

Their absence in the game is undoubtedly surprising, considering their impact on previous installments of the game. Yet, it also points to the fact there is a world of untapped narrative potential waiting to be explored in the future installments.

Even so, Baldur’s Gate 3, without these characters, stands tall in the pantheon of RPG games, offering a complex, engaging, and highly immersive gaming experience.