Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Appeal for More Diverse Companions

Gamers voice their dissatisfaction over minimal race diversity among 'Baldur's Gate 3' Companions, calling for more variety.

Popularity and Criticisms of Baldur’s Gate 3

Since its comprehensive debut, Baldur’s Gate 3 has gained extraordinary popularity, although players have expressed dissatisfaction over certain elements, particularly concerning the diversity of Companions. The game is filled with quests to finish, areas to traverse, secrets to unravel, and Companions to associate with or discover. It's no wonder numerous Baldur’s Gate 3 players are still entwined in the narrative world of Faerun. However, the extensive storyline has induced a few players to reevaluate and, in some instances, criticize Larian’s game design choices.

Concerns Over Companion Diversity

Most notable among these criticisms is the homogeneity of Companions, particularly concerning their chosen races and how these choices impact both the player and in-game exploration. Players have vocally demanded more Companion variety.

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One player highlighted the races of all ten companions in the game, focusing on the disproportionate number of elves (5), humans (3), and the undervalued representation of different races (2), represented by a Tiefling and a Githyanki. Calling attention to this discrepancy, they sparked a widespread discussion: “Doesn’t it feel like we could use some diversity?” In response to this, they proposed the inclusion of a Dwarf Companion or a Half-Orc as key story components.

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Players' Response to the Lack of Diversity

This query quickly garnered popularity with an array of upvotes and comments. Many players shared the same confusion and annoyance, with one expressing their surprise at the lack of a dwarf or any small companions in the game, especially considering the niche spaces in the game that only smaller characters can venture into.

Others expressed their sadness over absent characters, particularly 'Helia', who was in Early Access for a brief period before disappearing from the game. It is clear that many players are longing for more racially diverse Companions, especially those representing smaller races. Some veteran players have expressed their frustration over this issue since early access and continue to wait for changes. Despite no official announcements, there is hope that new Companions may be added in a future patch.