Warzone Pros Concerned About Game Glitches Ahead of Global Final

Professional Warzone players express concerns over a variety of game bugs leading up to the World Series of Warzone Global Final.

Concern Amongst Professional Warzone Players

A faction of professional Warzone players have vocalized their worries about the current state of the game. With the World Series of Warzone Global Final on the horizon and a colossal $600,000 prize pool at stake, many are worried about potential game-breaking glitches impacting the competition.

Unprecedented Bugs and Glitches

Despite its popularity, Warzone has been plagued by numerous unprecedented bugs and issues. Some of these are occasionally humorous, but can become a serious problem when high-stakes competitive gaming is involved.

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The Countdown to the Global Finals

With the qualifying matches now behind us, the countdown to the Global Finals of the World Series of Warzone in London now begins. Several competitors are expressing serious concerns that some fundamental problems will go unaddressed before the start of the championship. A notable topic is whether the number of bugs presently in the game could unfairly skew the competition.

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Competitor Concerns

American competitor Ethan ‘Ebatez’ Bates aired his anxiety, stating, 'I’m genuinely concerned for WSOW next week. The amount of bugs that are in the game at the moment is going to be brutal to compete through.' He went on to name some of the issues currently affecting gameplay, including loot duplication, the Restock glitch, kills not being properly counted, and other such problems.

TheTacticalBrit, another competitor at the tournament, agreed with Ebatez’s sentiment, saying that the game 'needs a serious Quality of Life (QOL) update this week.' He described a plethora of other glitches including insta-death and operational UAVs as addition to the list of bugs that may unfairly affect the tournament outcomes.

The Call for Immediate Fixes

The persisting issues in Warzone have players calling for immediate fixes, regardless of their professional status. Yet, it could spell catastrophe if final matches in the World Series of Warzone are determined by in-game bugs and glitches. Whether an update tackling these issues will be released by the developers at Raven Software remains uncertain. With just a week to go, the hope for remediation of these issues is dwindling as the World Series of Warzone approaches.