Warzone Professionals and Streamers Urge Ban of Signal 50 Sniper Rifle Before World Series Finals

With a grand prize of $600K up for grabs, Warzone's professional players and streamers call for a ban on the Signal 50 sniper rifle. The gun has remained a severe issue despite repeated nerfs, and the controversy continues even as the high-stakes tournament is about to start.

A multitude of professional players and streamers of Warzone is advocating for the ban of the Signal 50 sniper rifle prior to the World Series. The primary concerns revolve around the impact on both the gameplay and the viewer's experience with the sum of $600k up for grabs.

Dominance of Signal 50

The Signal 50 has become a serious point of disagreement among professional players in the past months, continuing to control the meta regardless of nerfs. The developers at Raven Software decided against nerfing the Signal 50 during the August’s Season 5 update, justifying their stance by citing data evidence stating the Signal 50's performance is within normal range.

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However, there exists a significant gap between weapon usage of casual players, the data source for Raven, and professional players. This distinction might emerge as a massive problem during the World Series finals scheduled for September 16.

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Should Signal 50 be Banned for the World Series of Warzone?

Several competitors have expressed their displeasure with the Signal 50 just before the crowning event of the World Series, urging for its removal to enhance the experience for all. Suggestions have included either banning the gun or implementing a one-sniper limit.

Another professional, Intechs, argued that the “Signal 50 is going to ruin the experience for viewers as well as the players.”

Warzone’s highest earner and most successful player, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren, expressed his opinion. Tommey expressed that the World Series finals could potentially be worse, with little movement and most players cracking plates across the map until one team runs out - a scenario he deemed 'not fun'.

With increasing demands from some of the most prominent names in the game, it remains to be seen if the tournament organizers will impose a ban on the Signal 50 in competitive play, especially given the shrinking time frame leading up to the event.