Warzone Players Demand Shift Emulating Counter-Strike 2 Feature

Players of the Call of Duty battle royale, Warzone, are urging developers to incorporate features from Valve's Counter-Strike 2 game, with specific focus on smoke grenades.

Warzone Players Call for Significant Changes

Warzone participants are clamoring for an impactful modification in the Call of Duty battle royale game. Their call to action focuses on the replication of a specific element from Valve's Counter-Strike 2, a game that is yet to be released to the broader audience and is currently in its beta phase.

The Attention Around Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 has already garnered significant attention online since its announcement, with eager players anticipating a more refined experience of a game that's carved its significant niche as the defining competitive FPS for the past couple of decades.

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Notably, admiration for the game's promising visuals is not limited to Counter-Strike players. Even Call of Duty players are hoping to see certain aspects of the new game mirrored in their familiar playground. The impending switch to Modern Warfare 3 underscores the timing of these demands as potentially opportune.

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Smoke Grenades and Tactical Play

Call of Duty players are especially keen on the tactical use of smoke grenades, a feature they'd like to see adopted from Counter-Strike 2. The inclusion of this feature could cause a substantial shakeup in the current game meta.

Referring to a specific gameplay clip, a Call of Duty player stated his desire for 'Warzone to need smoke like this,' thinking specifically of the smoke grenades from Counter-Strike 2.

The Changes in Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades in Counter-Strike 2 have undergone substantial changes, reacting more intuitively to their environment. They could be affected by gunshots, light, grenades, and other objects, thereby creating visual gaps for aggressors. In previous versions of Counter-Strike, players could leverage 'one-way' smokes, which allowed them to see opponents without being visible themselves. This has been an issue in Call of Duty as well, resulting in potential unfair advantages.

Players' Opinions about Smoke Grenades in Warzone

Smoke grenades have had a significant presence in Warzone 2 since its launch. Comments on the mentioned clip revealed that many players share this sentiment, although there were jokes about the Call of Duty servers not being able to handle this change.

Some players simply stated that the change would be 'way better', or expressed their wishful thinking for 'this level of detail in Warzone.' The developers at Raven Software have not yet indicated any plans to transform smoke grenades into a feature comparable to what is found in Counter-Strike 2 or to make any changes in this regard.

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