Warzone Leak Reveals Upcoming TikTok NPC Bundle

Call of Duty's new Warzone cosmetic bundle has been reportedly leaked online. The bundle is seemingly themed around the non-playable character (NPC) trend that is currently popular on TikTok.

Warzone's New Content Sparks Mixed Reactions

Warzone has kept the player community intrigued with its constant content updates, introducing new cosmetic enhancements every season. Be it new licensed operators or the extensive battle pass system, the game has no lack of content for players.

Leaked Bundle Causes Stir Among Players

However, the leak of an upcoming bundle has left players with mixed feelings. As per the leak, a new bundle, based on the recent NPC trend on TikTok, seems to be making rounds on the internet.

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The NPC TikTok Trend

The NPC trend on TikTok has popular streamers earning thousands of dollars by reacting to stickers sent by viewers. These stickers carry a real-world money attachment and repeating phrases like 'Yes yes yes' and 'So good' has caught the attention of online gamers.

Warzone Leak Reveals Upcoming TikTok NPC Bundle ImageAlt

Call of Duty 's New Bundle

Call of Duty seems ready to ride this wave with its new 'Battle Buddy: NPC Pack' bundle. This pack will apparently feature quotes like 'Yeah! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!', 'You got shot! Ouchie! Ouchie!' and 'Mmm. Ammo. Thank you!' creating a sense of confusion among the player community.

Player Reactions

Many players have expressed concerns about the new bundle, with some claiming this one feels more 'cringe' than usual. 'Some of the 'Battle Buddy' versions are cool but this one is just cringe,' one player stated.

On the flip side, there are also players who are excited about the bundle, enthusiastically mimicking popular TikTok live NPC streamer Pinkydoll, exclaiming, 'Ice cream so good GANG GANG GANG GANG.'

Please note that these are leaks and the forthcoming TikTok-themed bundle has not been confirmed yet. However, the varied and intense player reactions to this leak just goes to show how invested the gaming community is in Warzone's development.