Warzone Expert Reveals Overpowered Rifle Attachment

A gaming expert has discovered a powerful attachment for rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone, particularly useful against riot shield users and for solo play. The attachment is currently underutilized and could significantly change the way players strategize in the game.Hidden Diamond in Warzone: A Powerful Rifle Attachment Revealed

Popular gaming expert, Metaphor, reveals a hidden diamond in Warzone

Metaphor, a well-known figure in the gaming community, has revealed a powerful rifle attachment in the fifth installment of Warzone. This attachment is practically ideal to thwart riot shield users and for solo play and remains largely unnoticed in the gaming world.

Significant alterations in the Call of Duty ’s ‘Create A Class’ system

In the past few years, the Call of Duty’s ‘Create A Class’ system has seen several significant alterations. Among these, one stands out that allows Warzone players to customize their favored firearms to their convenience. Typically, players focus on manipulating aspects like bullet velocity and recoil to enhance their rifle performance. They usually treat Muzzles, Underbarrels, Barrels, and Rear Grips as key attachments and customize them according to their preferences.

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A potential game-changer: A crucial Underbarrel

However, according to Metaphor, a potential game-changer might be an Underbarrel for those tired of Riot Shield users or for those who want a simple method to flush out hidden opponents - an attachment many still remain unaware of.

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The KL40-M2 Drill - A secret weapon?

The Drill Charge firing Underball, known as the KL40-M2 Drill, is currently considered very efficient by Metaphor. This is especially for those frustrated by individuals hiding in rooms. 'When you have this, you get six or seven drill charges and you can spam these things,' Metaphor mentioned in a recent video. 'If you have Fast Hands on, you reload in like one second and then shoot another one. You can completely take an entire building down with just drill charges and push the hell out of people.'

A 'viable' choice, according to Metaphor

Some players might simply dismiss this as an interesting game tactic. However, the gaming guru asserts that it is currently 'viable' and labels it as a 'sleeper OP' to those who fail to recognize its potential.

Fulfilling the criteria to unlock this attachment

Achieving the required criteria to unlock this attachment requires a player to successfully make 10 direct kills with a Drill Charge, essentially sticking it onto an opponent. Several players might have already fulfilled this requirement unintentionally, oblivious to its dormant power. However, those who are now aware and wish to leverage this Underbarrel, know what it takes to get it unlocked.