Warzone Enthusiasts Seek Major Change on Al Mazrah Map

Amidst claims of 'boring' gameplay, Warzone players are demanding major changes to improve the Al Mazrah map.

Demands for Changing Warzone's Al Mazrah Map

Warzone enthusiasts have demanded a significant alteration to the battle royale on the Al Mazrah map, citing the current gameplay as monotonous. They are pushing for a reversion to a vital change made in the game.

Warzone's Current Scenario

Warzone is presently approaching end of its span. Al Mazrah was unveiled as the central map in what was initially known as Warzone 2, which was released together with Modern Warfare 2 towards the end of 2022. However, the game found it challenging to meet the high standards set by the previous version of the Call of Duty battle royale and the iconic Verdansk map.

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Developers subsequently introduced movement changes in an attempt to satisfy players who yearned for the movement era of Warzone on the erstwhile Modern Warfare 2019 engine. Now, however, players are advocating for another change to be rolled back.

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The Player's Demands

Players are advocating for an adjustment in the player count. A notable Warzone player, tearsofthekingodm, has called for the player count in Al Mazrah battle royale to be increased, suggesting it be brought up to 150 from 100. A significant number of players are in agreement with this demand.

The player expressed their frustration, “Before the change, I used to bump into someone in a random location 70-80% of the time, now I’m just running with no one in sight for minutes. The faster circles aren’t helping. The redeploy tokens and gulag kits are scarce. Please. This isn’t working. Revert it back to 150 players.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by others, with comments such as the map is too large for only 100 players, and some even suggesting it would be too big for 150.

Additional concerns were raised about the strain on servers, with claims that the game is unable to manage handling 100 players without persistent stuttering.

As of now, it is unclear if Raven Software, the game’s developers, will opt to increase the player count, or whether they will wait for the Modern Warfare 3 integration to make any significant changes if any occur at all. The future of Al Mazrah hangs in the balance.

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