Underutilized LMG Emerges as One of the Best Weapons in Warzone 2

Warzone 2, a prominent game in the first-person shooter genre, has an overpowered (OP) Light Machine Gun (LMG) that is considered among the best weapons in the game. Ironically, this potent weapon has been largely overlooked by many players.<a href=https://thegamerchronicles.com/call-of-duty alt=CoD> Call of Duty </a>'s Warzone 2

Call of Duty's Warzone 2

Call of Duty's Warzone 2 has been making waves in the gaming community, with unique features and dynamic gameplay. However, not all assets are being maximized by the players. There's an overpowered (OP) light machine gun (LMG) in the game that's apparently flying under the radar. Despite its evident potential, this weapon is not getting the usage one would expect considering its impressive abilities.

The PKM Light Machine Gun

Named the ‘PKM’, this light machine gun (LMG) has earned its place as one of the finest firearms in Warzone 2. Its deadly firepower and high control paired with infinite suppression offers a plethora of advantages that can be pivotal in gameplay. This offensively dominant weapon often results in a game-changing dynamic when used strategically, enabling players to secure victory in intense battles, especially when engaging multiple enemies.

The primary benefits of the PKM light machine gun include its high ammunition capacity and incredible suppression capabilities. When used efficiently, the PKM can be used to suppress enemy movement and buy critical time in battle, making it a particularly valuable weapon in the late-game phase.

Overlooked but Powerful

Tragically, despite these perks, the PKM is often overlooked by players, perhaps due to its weight which can affect mobility, or maybe it's the extended reload time due to the high ammunition capacity. Other popular choices, such as the MAC-10 and Stoner 63, often outshine the PKM, leading to its underutilization.

A Perfect Suit for Warzone 2 Meta

Considering the current meta of Warzone 2, the PKM undeniably suits it perfectly. It’s a well-rounded firearm that performs powerfully at mid-range, offering consistency in terms of damage and control. It may not be the fastest or the flashiest weapon, but it definitely packs a punch.

Final Thoughts

This article aims to shed light on the overlooked potential of PKM and perhaps, prompt more players to explore and experiment with this game-changer. With the right attachments and a good knowledge of the map, it has the capability to turn the tide of any Warzone 2 match. Just as they say, 'the best tool is the one you know how to use.' Indeed, the dormant power of the PKM is waiting to be harnessed by the right set of hands.