Streaming Star Shroud Departs from Call of Duty Warzone

Streaming star Mike 'shroud' Grzesiek takes his leave from Call of Duty Warzone, citing multiple issues with the game. Shroud's Thoughts on <a href='' alt='CoD'> Call of Duty </a> Warzone

Streaming Star Rejects Call of Duty Warzone

Streaming star Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has taken a stand against Call of Duty Warzone, labeling it as a “monstrosity.” He has a preference for games like Halo, even though he also holds little regard for that.

Shroud's Gaming Journey

When battle royale games gained popularity, viewers in large numbers turned to shroud’s broadcasts. As a former Counter-Strike star, he achieved Twitch dominance while also working on his esports career, which proved successful in both areas.

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As he made the shift from competitive esports, he maintained a presence in the battle royale community. He left his mark on numerous games like PUBG, Fortnite, Warzone, and even Cuisine Royale. Of late, such games have been less frequent on his channel. Yet, viewers continually anticipate him playing them, particularly given his impressive performance in CS2.

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Shroud's Criticism of Call of Duty and Warzone

However, it can be asserted that Grzesiek has distanced himself from Call of Duty or Warzone. He ascribes this to the excess ‘bulldust,’ which he states severely affects gameplay, particularly for individuals using a mouse and keyboard. “It’s just CoD, I’m not a fan of the point-and-click. CoD just needs a little bit more depth for me to really enjoy it, you know? And by that, I mean depth when shooting a gun,” he explained in response to a query about not playing Warzone anymore.

He goes on to lay out the problems he found with the game; “That game is a monstrosity. It’s a plague for mouse and keyboard. It's, by definition, a terrible shooting game for mouse and keyboard. When you shoot in that game, your screen is covered with nonsense. You can’t even see what you’re shooting at, which means you can’t play on mouse and keyboard.”

The former CS star then suggests that players using a controller reap more benefits because aim assist cuts through the huge amount of 'visual clutter' that appears on-screen mid-game.

He concluded by expressing his preference for Halo over the other two, even though he isn't too keen on the 'shooting loop' in Halo games. Thus, it's safe to assume that he won't be playing either game in his streams.