Streamer Nadia Accuses Call of Duty of Double Standards Over CoD Next Invites

Streamer Nadia alleges Call of Duty's double standards dismissing her invitation to the CoD Next due to her online posts, while inviting creators with similar posts.Nadia's Allegations Against 'Call Of Duty'

Nadia, a renowned online streamer, has expressed disappointment with Call of Duty over accusations of double standards.

Nadia alleges that she did not receive an invitation to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launch event, CoD Next, due to some of the photographs she has posted online.

CoD Next Event

CoD Next, which is scheduled for October 5, is the first significant public event, showcasing creators and players trying out the new game. However, Nadia will be absent from this event as she claims her invitation was withheld due to her 'bikini pics' on social media.

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Nadia's Statements

On September 3, Nadia criticized CoD in a now-deleted tweet for inviting other creators who have posted similar content online but neglecting her because of her posts. During a stream, she detailed that the root of the issue could date back to April, when she was still heavily streaming CoD but not receiving any invites.

Streamer Nadia Accuses Call of Duty of Double Standards Over CoD Next Invites ImageAlt

While addressing her followers, Nadia stated that she had reached out to her contacts at Activision regarding this issue. Though her 'risque' posts may subject her to being a 'brand risk', she is looking for clarity on her non-invitation and raised concern that other women have been 'blackballed' from events too.

'It’s not something that’s new, it’s something that has been happening for a long time. The first biggest female Warzone creator spoke up about it two years ago and here I am speaking up about it. It shouldn’t be a consistent pattern. That’s obviously something wrong.', said Nadia.

Moving Forward

Despite this controversy, Nadia hopes the situation will be resolved, as the developers had previously commenced communication when she accused them of 'neglecting' her on the stream.