Skillful Warzone Player Uses Juggernaut and Jet-Ski to Blast into the Sky and Destroy Enemy Chopper

A skilled Warzone player has impressed many by using a Juggernaut killstreak and a Jet-Ski to launch into the air and successfully eliminate an enemy helicopter. This clever maneuver comes despite rising frustration over bugs and cheaters in the well-loved game.

Juggernaut Killstreak and Jet-Ski Stunt Impress Warzone Fans

Warzone 2, a popular version of ' Call of Duty ', has been plagued by bugs from the time of its initial release. These have varied from relatively harmless glitches to more impactful bugs that have significantly hindered gameplay.

Last August, the battle royale mode of Modern Warfare 2 faced negative impacts due to a game-breaking bug that would knock down players in the pre-game lobby. These negative effects would then carry over into the start of the match. Thankfully, this particular glitch has since been officially fixed by the developers, Raven Software.

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Launching into the Sky to Take Out Enemy Helicopters

Despite these setbacks, one smart player has found a creative way to turn a range of different elements in Warzone to their advantage. They came up with a wild trick that allows players to launch into the sky and take out enemy helicopters.

Skillful Warzone Player Uses Juggernaut and Jet-Ski to Blast into the Sky and Destroy Enemy Chopper ImageAlt

Turning into a Human Predator Missile

A creative move posted by a user involved becoming a human Predator Missile to destroy a chopper. It was labelled as 'the coolest thing I’ve ever done on CoD'. The video showcased the player using a Juggernaut killstreak while standing on the back of a Jet-Ski. As one friend drove the Jet-Ski, another used their transport chopper underneath to launch them into the air.

In a thrilling climax, the player flew past the enemy chopper and out of the combat zone, only to fall back down and purposefully launch themselves toward the chopper, causing it to explode on impact.

This move has garnered widespread praise, with several comments flooding in lauding the video.

Common comments ranged from expressions of disbelief - 'this is unbelievable. How do you even come up with this', excitement - 'Holy heck! Feels like I’m watching a Mission Impossible movie' to absolute awe - 'this is it, the hardest clip of MW2'.

The dramatic stunt was the result of a Juggernaut killstreak, which increases the player’s health to almost invincible levels following activation. Despite significant player frustration over unjust bans for players sending voice chat messages, this impressive move has managed to bring focus back to skilled gameplay.

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