Season 6 Update on Possible LMG and AR Change

A close look at the potential for change in Warzone's Season 6. This article explores the introduction of new weapons, the lack of a new LMG, and player reactions.

Prior information leaked about Warzone's Season 6 indicated players could expect an introduction of a new LMG and AR. However, this potential change has since caused anxiety among players who don't relish the idea of their beloved game getting shaken up.

Six seasons of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone have seen the addition of 21 new weapons and four melee options, offering a wide arsenal for players. Among the new inclusions are seven ARs, four SMGs and three sniper rifles plus others. Despite these additions, a noticeable omission from the list is the lack of a new LMG.

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The absence of a new LMG is unusual given the strength of this weapon category. Though not as powerful as ARs and SMGs, LMGs have had moments of supremacy. Players will remember, for example, the period when the RPK ruled the roost in parts of Season 2. However, that period has passed and a new LMG hasn't yet made a significant impact.

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Of course, the Sakin MG38 and Rapp-H have offered some alternative choice to players. However, their slower mobility and long reload times make them less appealing compared to ARs and Battle Rifles. Season 6 initially promised to bring relief from the LMG drought, but the community's optimism may have been premature.

Possible Cancellation of New LMG and AR

Warzone expert WhosImmortal sheds some light on this subject, crediting COD leaker DETONATED for unveiling the possible introduction of the Bruen MK9 LMG and FR 5.56 AR in Warzone during Season 6.

Despite this promising leak, WhosImmortal casts some doubt by pointing out that Weapon Mastery Camo Charms underwent a change. This change indicates that the plan to add five total weapons to the ISO 9MM and Dual Kamas has been revised downwards. According to the charm on the TR-76 Geist, only three new weapons are now planned.

Further, WhosImmortal mentions that the existing season's patch notes have yet to acknowledge the potential arrival of the Bruen or FR 5.56. This silence might suggest that the inclusion of these new weapons is not as certain as players may wish.

Upon reading between the lines, WhosImmortal confesses his doubts: “Modern Warfare 3 Campaign early access is set for November 2 and the full game's release on November 10. Personally, I would be surprised if we received an update post-campaign early access.” This sentiment hints at concerns about the suspected new weapons meeting the same fate as others before them - a bust.

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Silver Lining for Players

Despite the doubts, WhosImmortal shares a potential silver lining. Two of the Haunting camos have the word 'Bruen' attached to them, offering a ray of hope for players holding out for the new LMG. These camos also point to an upcoming event scheduled for October 31 called Captain Price's Revenge, raising player hopes for an exciting development.

The truth of these rumors will come out on Halloween night. Here's to hoping that LMG fans will get treated better in Modern Warfare 3 than in MW2. If anything, the curiosity and guessing game around these suspected changes have definitely added a good dose of suspense to Warzone's Season 6.