Optimized Settings for Modern Warfare 2 on PC

A comprehensive guide to optimize PC settings for Modern Warfare 2 to achieve maximum frames per second and enhance gaming experience.Optimizing PC Settings for Modern Warfare 2

Enhancing Gaming Performance on PC for Modern Warfare 2

The settings on your PC can significantly influence the performance of Modern Warfare 2. To improve your gaming experience, it is essential to configure the settings most optimally.

Understanding Settings for Games

There is an array of settings you can adjust while playing games on PC. Some are straightforward and self-explanatory, while others might be more confusing, such as FidelityFX CAS in Modern Warfare 2.

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Guide for Best PC Settings for Gaming

This article provides a guide for the optimum PC settings that will give you the best FPS (frames per second) in Modern Warfare 2 while maintaining the game's high quality graphical quality for your entire gaming session. These settings should work irrespective of your GPU type, providing a smooth game experience.

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Recommended MW2 Settings

Let’s discuss the best settings you should use for the highest quality game with maximum frames per second (FPS):

  • Display Mode: Fullscreen Exclusive for latency reduction
  • Display Monitor: Choose your primary display with the highest refresh rate
  • Display Adapter: This is your graphics card
  • Screen Refresh rate: Maximum your monitor can support (144hz, 240hz, etc.)
  • Display Resolution: Set this to 1080p. However, if you have a top-end GPU, 1440p could work for you too. But 1080p will certainly give you better FPS. Using 4K is generally not recommended, as it typically results in significant FPS reduction.
  • Dynamic Resolution: Turn off to prevent the resolution from randomly changing, which could be disruptive.

Enhancing Your Modern Warfare 2 Gaming Experience

If you want additional tips to enhance your gaming experience in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, refer to the optimal weapon choices and loadouts guide.


The objective of these settings is to harness your GPU for the highest FPS possible, sometimes even at the expense of some prettifying details, shadows, and reflections. However, some graphical settings are more beneficial at higher settings from a gameplay perspective, so it is best practice not to turn everything to ‘low’ settings.

Remember, a simple way to increase your FPS is to have a powerful graphics card, and to ensure that you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics card. Modern Warfare 2 has its own built-in benchmark tool. So, you can tweak your settings and then use the benchmark playlist to test the resulting performance.

Finally, check out other guides for more high quality information on Modern Warfare 2 games.

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