Newly Leaked Gears and Perks for Modern Warfare 3 Revealed

Details of upcoming gears and their perks for Modern Warfare 3 game, which is set to launch on November 10, have been leaked.Upcoming Modern Warfare 3 Game Details

The upcoming Modern Warfare 3 game set to launch on November 10

It has been causing quite a stir among the gaming community. Among the significant changes being introduced to the Call of Duty series, leaked sets of boots and gloves which serve as 'gear' perks have been revealed.

Rumors and Speculations

According to the circulating rumors, Modern Warfare 3 will be replacing the traditional perk system with gears. Changes brought about by the boots will relate to movement which can act as a Dead Silence perk while gloves will affect weapon handling. More revelations will be expected to leak or announced in the following weeks.

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Thanks to recent leaks out on the morning of September 1, players have gained a clearer perspective on some of the gear slots that will be available and their corresponding functions.

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Gears Overview

Here is an overview of some of the gear perks shared online by an anonymous leaker. However, as there has been nothing confirmed, the accuracy of these revealed perks may change when the game officially launches.

Boots Perks

Starting with the boots perks, the list includes Canvas Sneakers which silence footstep sounds, Stalker Boots that increase strafe and ADS movement speed, Tactical Pads which improve slide distance and status transition speeds, Ultra Light Boots that enhance movement and swim speed, Running Sneakers that give a longer Tac Sprint duration and shortens refresh time, and Climbing Boots for improved climbing and mantling speed and reduced fall damage.

Gloves Perks

The list of gloves perks includes Assault Gloves to provide improved accuracy and ADS timing while jumping, Custom Gloves to increase weapon swap speed, Scavenger Gloves for ammo and throwing knives replenishing from dead players, Specialist Gloves for throwing equipment further, Tactical Combat Gloves to enable reloading while sprinting, and Marksman Gloves for reduced sway and flinch while ADS.

From this turnaround of information, it can be inferred what traditional perks these gear items would associate with. For instance, Running Sneakers may correlate with Marathon while Canvas Sneakers may be on par with Dead Silence.

A Glimpse into the Future

While it's still up in the air what this refined perk system will bring when Modern Warfare 3 finally launches, the revealed gear perks can give players an insight into the kind event to anticipate when the game arrives.

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