New Audio Pack for Modern Warfare 2 Causes a Stir

The newly leaked audio pack for Modern Warfare 2 has generated divided opinions within the community.

New Audio Pack for Modern Warfare 2 Sparks Controversy

A leak has revealed what the new audio pack for Modern Warfare 2 (2009), the Intervention, sounds like in-game, inciting mixed reactions from the community.

Classic Maps, Carry Forward Program, and Expectations

In recent news, it has been confirmed that all 16 classic Modern Warfare 2 (2009) maps will be playable in Modern Warfare 3 at launch. In an unexpected announcement, The Carry Forward program has been introduced, which will transfer all MW2 weapons, operator skins, and weapon blueprints to MW3.

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This implies that players can still use the FJX Imperium, the MW2 sniper rifle inspired by the renowned MW2 (2009) Intervention on its original stomping grounds. However, the weapon has yet to make a significant impact.

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Activision's Response to Criticism

Metaphor, a Warzone expert, argued that it would be futile if the developers do not enhance the FJX Imperium before the launch of MW3. This argument caught the attention of Activision, urging them to focus on the sniper, but not with a buff.

Returning to the drawing board, Activision announced a new audio bundle that morphs the FJX Imperium to the Intervention. TaskForceLeakers managed to access the bundle early and shared what the new audio bundle sounds like.

Community Split on Audio Pack

Upon hearing a few shots, community members were divided on whether it sounded like the original Intervention. Some gamers disapproved of an MW2 audio bundle falling short of its mark, claiming that the advertised The ISO Hemlock as the ACR and the Lachmann Sub as the original MP5 did not sound similar to their 2009 versions.

Debates and Expectations on Activision's Move

Despite the eternal debates, what remains as a fact is that Activision charges money for the new audio pack which many expect to be originally part of the game. Whether this is the final product, or when this audio bundle will release is yet to be seen and will be updated as further announcements are made.