Modern Warfare 3 Leak Promises Detailed Weapon Statistics

A recent leak heralds the return of detailed weapon statistics in Modern Warfare 3, similarly seen in Call of Duty Cold War and Vanguard.Modern Warfare 3 Updates

Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Statistics

In a recently leaked detail, it has been revealed that Modern Warfare 3 may showcase detailed weapon statistics, concurring with the features available in Call of Duty Cold War and Vanguard.

Significance of Statistics

In the absence of content creators or statistic websites like WZ Ranked or TrueGameData, it would be almost impossible to comprehend Warzone weapon balancing updates or changes in attachments. For instance, the Season 5 Reloaded update enhanced the performance of M13B weapon. Official patch notes quoted, 'All location damage multipliers increased.'

MW2 Attachments

Further, talking about attachments in MW2, the Tempus GH50 muzzle boosts vertical recoil while decreasing ADS speed and stability during aiming. Without specific details, players rely on their in-game experience to determine what's better. Previously, Activision eliminated the need for guesswork by clarifying weapon changes in great detail.

Transparency of Updates

For instance, taking an older Warzone Pacific update such as the one from December 9, 2021, developers clearly stated, 'Neck damage increased to 250, up from 200' for the Crossbow, or stated the precise way an attachment affects a weapon's statistics. Such transparency might make a comeback in Modern Warfare 3.

Leaked Information

Noteworthy leaks on September 8, from Call of Duty insider 'bob', stated, 'Detailed weapon stats will be returning in Modern Warfare 3.' The leak also included a snapshot from Black Ops Cold War, demonstrating the extensive information a player could sift through.

Community Reactions

There was a clear indication of how a suppressor affects the XM4's parameters such as damage, fire rate, bullet velocity, and other vital mobility and reloading speeds. While some members of the community rejoiced at the rumor, they also speculated on how it will alter the COD content creation landscape.

Contententicator Opinions

One player questioned, 'So what are the JGods of the world gonna do if these are accurate stats?' On the other hand, TrueGameData contended that build websites would retain their significance even if statistics return, explaining, 'I feel like just raw stats don't help many people build guns. It's the comparison tools that help. Unique ways of presenting the data to the user to help them come to conclusions about which options are best.'


As with any leak, this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt. Stay tuned for more updates and our continuing coverage on Modern Warfare 3.