Hosts of 'The Flank' Face Off Over Show Progression Issues

'The Flank' hosts, Ben J Nissim and Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto, encounter friction over show progression issues expressed on stream. ```

The competitive Call of Duty (CoD) community: 'The Flank' Controversy

The competitive Call of Duty (CoD) community has been indulging in 'The Flank' for multiple seasons, appreciating the blend of elite-level CoD insights with banter from professional players. It appears, however, frictions may be emerging. Ben voiced his issues with 'The Flank', sparking a heated exchange on-stream between him and co-host ZooMaa.

Frictions Emerge

Nissim shared his frustrations during a Halo tournament watch party, insinuating a lack of ambition from his 'Flank' co-hosts. Disappointed in the lack of future planning for the show, Ben said, “I’ve been frustrated recently with the Flank. I feel like I’m the only one that wants to take this show to the next level. I feel like I’m just screaming into a brick wall these days. And when we go to events I feel like I have to do literally everything. I’m really hoping it changes.” He added that while he focuses on the larger picture, it seems “people are stuck in the moment too often” and he’s the only one interested in advancing.

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Countering Criticisms

In response to Ben’s criticisms, ZooMaa countered during a live stream when the two were engaging in a voice call, “you made me look bad, you tried to make me seem like I don’t give a f**k.” Following this stream, ZooMaa contended with accusations of being “immature,” and of displaying disregard for the show.

Hosts of

Looking Ahead

Nissim conceded that he regretted his statements, clarifying “I misconstrued it in that clip, that’s not at all what I was trying to say.” While the two hosts found common ground on certain topics and ZooMaa stated to Ben “I’m on your side,” Ben wasn't completely pacified, affirming, “my issue is that I’ve been talking about it for eight months and it still hasn’t got done.”

Fans' Perspective

Fans of 'The Flank' hope the hosts will work through their differences to continue growing the show, particularly with more professionals retiring and competition arising such as Scump and Methodz’s show 'The Breakdown', especially during the CDL season.