Fortnite Enthusiasts Allege CoD Mobile of Plagiarism in New Season 8 Map

Controversy occurs as Fortnite players claim that Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile has replicated a notable Point of Interest (POI) from Fortnite's map for their just launched Season 8. Gaming Controversy

Fortnite players are crying foul over Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile's freshly launched Season 8 map, believed to be copying a major Point of Interest (POI) detail from Fortnite's own map. As seen in the CoD Mobile's new map, several Fortnite players are arguing that there is a striking resemblance between one area and a well-liked POI in Fortnite, namely, The Spire.

The new season of CoD Mobile, titled '2nd Anniversary', made its debut on March 10, 2022, and has stirred up a hornet’s nest among the gaming community, particularly due to its map details. Season 8 primarily focuses on an event called 'The Grand Escape' adding several new POIs and rewards for gamers.

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Yet, the competitors of CoD Mobile, Fortnite, seem unimpressed, they have drawn attention to several instances of similarities between the new CoD map and popular Fortnite locales. These players claim that one of the CoD Mobile's new POIs, allegedly copied from Fortnite's map, is The Spire. The Spire is a centralized locale on Fortnite's map and carries a significant storyline in Fortnite's gaming narrative.

Fortnite Enthusiasts Allege CoD Mobile of Plagiarism in New Season 8 Map ImageAlt

The controversy erupted when several gamers posted pictures of the apparent copied POI on social media platforms, criticizing CoD Mobile for its alleged plagiarism. In these visuals, they pointed out various vague similarities between the structures of the ‘The Spire’ locale in Fortnite and CoD Mobile's new POI.

However, neither CoD Mobile nor its publisher Activision Blizzard have yet responded to these allegations. Moreover, it is not entirely clear whether this is a case of deliberate copying or a mere coincidence.

While copying in the game industry is not entirely unheard of, it is generally frowned upon. Should Activision Blizzard respond affirmatively to these accusations, it would mark a major turn in the current gaming landscape. Until then, observers of the scene can only wait and anticipate what steps, if any, will be taken as we move deeper into the gaming year.