First Look at Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 Teaser Trailer

A new cinematic trailer for Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is unveiled by Treyarch and Sledgehammer, introducing unique modifications and gameplay. The upcoming game reinvents the standard round-based zombie gameplay.

The first Modern Warfare 3 Zombies trailer makes its sensational debut as released by Treyarch and Sledgehammer. The revelation proves to be an impressive spectacle for enthusiasts.

Revamped Gameplay Mode Promises Exciting Encounters

The Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 takes a courageous step away from the regular round-base zombie gameplay. Instead, it introduces a Player versus Environment (PvE) mode. This new approach can accommodate multiple four-member squads, reaching a maximum of 24 players. Against both human and zombie adversaries, teams are tasked to complete exfils to move the narrative along.

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Known features that aid in speeding up the process will be made available to the players. This list includes the Pack-a-Punch machine, Perk machines, Mystery Boxes, and purchasable wall weaponry. The plot unfurls as an ultranationalist arms dealer named Viktor Zakhaev triggers a zombie outbreak. The objective of each team is to halt Zakhaev and his private military from gathering more resources and controlling the outbreak.

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First Glimpse of the New Thrills in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

The first look at MW3 Zombies outlined these series of events, making a compelling initial mark on its audience. On September 19, a four-minute cinematic trailer was released by Treyarch and Sledgehammer.

The plot revolves around the primary antagonist, Zakhaev. He attempts to steal two vials of a potent substance but finds himself and his crew heavily outnumbered by military police. In an act of desperation, he throws one of the vials, releasing a purple smoke that transforms everyone within its reach into zombies. Zakhaev manages to escape with just one companion and the remaining vial.

The Order of Events Following the Chaos Incited

After the chaos, SSO Kate Laswell, Sergeant Johnny “Soap” MacTavish, Captain Sergei Ravenovand, and another unseen operator initiate Operation Deadbolt. This mission aims to bring down the ultranationalist arms supplier.

The narrative continues to draw praise for its quick-paced and action-filled appeal.

A supporter of Modern Warfare 3 shares an optimistic comment: “This game just gets better with every trailer.”

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“This cinematic is sick. I still wish we were getting round-based zombies, but I’m willing to try this new mode,” admits another user expressing the general sentiment of the community amidst the major gameplay alteration.

The Rising Anticipation for the Unveiling

A third commenter compares the upcoming game with its predecessor, staunchly expressing, “This game looks better in every way, shape, and form.”.

With still much to discover about Zombies, avid patrons eagerly await the worldwide release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10.