Community Divided Over Jetpacks' Return in Call of Duty

The Call of Duty community appears to be divided over the potential return of jetpacks, five years after their last appearance in the franchise.

The Debate on Reintroducing Jetpacks into Call of Duty

There were contrasting views when the question of reintroducing jetpacks into Call of Duty was proposed. With Advanced Warfare and the introduction of exo-suits (jet packs), a new era for Call of Duty was heralded. Sledgehammer Games’ introduction to the game was met with criticism for its altered movement mechanics, but also sparked a trend of other jet pack titles including Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and Black Ops 4.

The reintroduction of boots-on-the-ground gameplay in Modern Warfare 2019 was largely celebrated by the community. Despite this, it's been five years since the last jet pack title and some players have started to view the feature differently.

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A recent Black Ops 3 tournament hosted by FaZe Zooma featured Call of Duty League pros. OpTic Gaming star Dashy declared Black Ops 3 as being the 'peak of COD' post-play, a sentiment that was echoed by other members of the community during the sighting of jet packs in action.

Community Divided Over Jetpacks

Call of Duty community members question place for jet packs

The need for jet packs to make a comeback in Call of Duty was questioned against the backdrop of Black Ops 3's brief return to the limelight. Sledgehammer, however, has already confirmed that jet packs won't be returning in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3.

Video game insider Tom Henderson responded to the question, saying he would not mind the inclusion of a jetpack COD every five to six years. He suggested that it would offer an interesting change and could bring a refresh to Warzone.

Another user suggested that each Call of Duty developer should tackle a different specialty. For instance, Infinity Ward could focus on modern boots-on-the-ground games, Treyarch on historical ones, with Sledgehammer taking care of futuristic and mechanically experimental games.

However, not everyone appears to be on board. One commenter argued against the return of jet packs, asserting that they had 'ruined the game once'.

Future of Call of Duty

Leaked information hints that Call of Duty 2025 will include remastered Black Ops 2 maps, consequently putting this debate on hold for a few years.

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