Call of Duty Warzone Players Criticize Activision for Ignoring Cheaters

Call of Duty Warzone players express dissatisfaction over Activision's recent focus on banning players engaging in voice and text chat abuses over cheaters.

Activision Under Fire Over Banning Policies

The world of games is no stranger to controversy, and once again, it's Activision in the spotlight. Call of Duty Warzone players have criticized the company, accusing it of being negligent to the issue of hacking and cheating within the game. According to the players, Activision seems more focused on punishing those engaging in voice and text chat abuses than players exploiting the game illegally.

It's common knowledge in the gaming industry that cheaters have been a serious issue within the Call of Duty community. Over recent years, their influence on the popular Warzone game has greatly intensified. God mode cheats, wall hacks, and aimbotters have become commonplace, leading to an urgent need for developer intervention.

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Addressing the Cheating Problem

The game's developers took important measures to curb these infringements. Their efforts included the introduction of ban waves and the Ricochet anti-cheat system, designed specifically to deter cheaters from plaguing the game. However, despite these solutions, cheaters continued causing problems in the game, particularly in Al-Mazrah. This resilience has resulted in a significant amount of frustration among the gaming community.

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Meanwhile, players have expressed further annoyance with the developers. They believe the focus is more on banning voice and text-chat abusers rather than actual game cheaters. This perceived negligence by the developers has stirred more discontent among the gaming community.

Frustration Among Players

Within the gaming community, various players have voiced their annoyance, expressing their discontent towards Activision and the Warzone developers on several social media platforms. They consider the continued ability of cheaters to disrupt battles royale a 'joke.’

Many players point out the discrepancy in the company's banning practices. They argue that while individuals are banned for inappropriate in-game chat behavior, the same doesn't hold for game cheating. The irony of this situation fuels their frustration - players are expected to maintain decorum even when they are unfairly killed by an aimbot.

Some players questioned the priorities of the developers, stating they could cheat in the game without repercussions as long as they maintained etiquette in the voice chat. Overall, players seem to believe that Activision's priorities for bans appear to be misplaced and hope for a change soon. They argue that while voice and chat bans are crucial due to potential in-game toxicity, the developers should lean more heavily towards addressing cheating within the game.