Call of Duty Warzone: Night Mode Might be Coming to Al-Mazrah

Subtle in-game changes have led Call of Duty Warzone players to believe that a night mode is about to make its debut in Al-Mazrah. This speculation is driven by the observation that buildings and lights are becoming increasingly brighter in the game.

Warzone: Night-time Maps & Speculations

Upon the release of Warzone as a component of Modern Warfare (2019), the game's daytime setting in Verdansk quickly gained popularity among the high quality gameplay expected of gaming enthusiasts. The addition of a night-time version of the battle royale games further escalated the excitement among avid gamers.

The Haunting event

This transition to a darker perspective within these games was part of The Haunting event, conducted to commemorate Halloween. Since then, players in the gaming community have expressed keen interest in having night-time versions of other maps. Responding to these requests, the developers harbouring a knack for high quality games introduced a darkened version of Rebirth Island.

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Speculations of a Night Mode in Al-Mazrah

As the Modern Warfare 2 cycle nears its conclusion, it's speculated among gamers that a night-time version of Al-Mazrah is about to be introduced in the battle royale game soon. Players have highlighted observations of heightened brightness in buildings and lights, strengthening the belief in the upcoming change in these games.

Call of Duty Warzone: Night Mode Might be Coming to Al-Mazrah ImageAlt

A conversation was set off in the gaming community when a player noted that a building in Al-Mazrah had all its lights turned on during a game. Other players corroborated their observations, stating that the building had not been lit up in such a manner during previous games. Along with the increase in brightness, earlier instances of headlights being activated accidentally in some vehicles after front-end damage fueled these speculations in the gaming world. The consensus in the gaming community is that a day-night cycle might be a part of the forthcoming Halloween event.

Members of the gaming community have also proposed the possibility of features earmarked for a Halloween update beginning to emerge a little early. No official confirmation or comment has been obtained from the game's developers as of now. However, leaks within the gaming community have suggested that a 'Haunting of Saba' event is expected for Season 6 of the game, preceding the release of Modern Warfare 3. This reinforces the developer's commitment to continually bringing high quality battle royale games for the gaming fraternity.