Call of Duty Fans Express Concerns About Operators and Microtransactions in Modern Warfare II

Fans of the popular video game series, Call of Duty, have voiced their concerns over the continued use of operators and microtransactions in the upcoming installment, Modern Warfare II.

In a recent thread on the Reddit forum dedicated to Modern Warfare II, gamers shared their frustrations about the presence of operators and microtransactions in the game. The original post, titled 'I Wish COD Would Move Away from Operators and Microtransactions', quickly gained traction and sparked a heated discussion among the community.

Many players expressed their disappointment with the inclusion of operators, arguing that it detracts from the realistic military shooter experience that the franchise was initially known for. They felt that having specialized characters with unique abilities, instead of anonymous soldiers, diminished the immersion and made the game feel more like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege.

Modern Warfare II: Gameplay Appeal
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Microtransactions were another major concern raised by the fans. They criticized the prevalence of paid cosmetic items and loot boxes in previous Call of Duty titles and voiced their fear that Modern Warfare II would follow the same path. Players expressed concerns that microtransactions would lead to a pay-to-win system, where those who spend more money are granted an unfair advantage over others.

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Some community members suggested that a return to the roots of the series, with a focus on individual skill and teamwork, would be the ideal direction for Modern Warfare II. They argued that dialing back on operators and eliminating or greatly reducing microtransactions would bring back the beloved Call of Duty experience that they crave.

However, not all feedback was negative. A few players defended the decision to include operators, stating that it adds variety and strategic depth to the gameplay. They argued that different operators with diverse abilities can encourage teamwork and provide players with more interesting choices throughout their matches.

Activision, the publisher of the Call of Duty franchise, has not officially responded to the criticisms and concerns raised by the fans. It remains to be seen whether they will make any changes to address these issues or maintain their current design choices for Modern Warfare II.

As the release date approaches, fans eagerly await more information about Modern Warfare II and hope that their feedback will be taken into consideration by the developers.