Activision's Limited Playtime Free Trial for Modern Warfare 2 Sparks Controversy

Activision's decision to set a playtime limit for its free trial of Modern Warfare 2 evokes dissatisfaction amongst players.

Free Trial Phase for Modern Warfare 2 Draws Mixed Responses

Activision, a renowned game company, recently declared a free trial phase for Modern Warfare 2. While this news should be exciting to players, a designated playtime limit has led to collective dissatisfaction amongst the community.

A New Approach to Game Sequel Launching

In the company's efforts to promote continued engagement with Modern Warfare 2, they introduced a novel approach. This strategy deviates from the typical norm when a sequel to a game is launched; progression from the preceding game doesn't usually extend to the next. That is not the case with Modern Warfare 3. With the 'Carry Forward' feature, players can transfer their Modern Warfare 2 weapon progression, operator skins, and weapon blueprints to Modern Warfare 3. This presents an exciting challenge for players as they have over 55 weapons to level up before the global release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10, 2023.

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When Modern Warfare 3 is launched, players will be able to access all the weapons from Modern Warfare 2, inclusive of their previous progress. This feature is exemplary but has a negative impact on those who didn't purchase the preceding game. A free trial period was anticipated to provide a solution to this issue, but unfortunately, it did not deliver to expectations.


Limited Playtime Stirs Dissatisfaction

Disappointingly, the Modern Warfare 2 free trial announced by Activision has a critical stipulation. It is limited to seven days, with a total of 2.5 in-game hours allowed to players. Understandably, this sparked widespread talk amongst community members.

The free trial offers players access to 10 6v6 maps between September 13-20, including the most recent additions in Season 5 Reloaded, and two battle maps. Several game modes are available for the players to explore. These include the favored classics such as TDM, Hardpoint, and SnD, with the addition of new entrants like Havoc, Invasion, Grind, among others.

Several community members have expressed dissatisfaction with the limited playtime clause of the free trial. Some concluded that the limitation on how long one can play the game was a peculiar feature. Others were more critical, labeling the decision as one of the many inexpedient implementations by the company. A few, however, found humor in the situation, suggesting that the constraint might be just enough time for one to play the game.

Although 2.5 hours over seven days might seem restricted, it still gives some players an opportunity to experience Modern Warfare 2. The paradoxical responses from community members demonstrate that the adequacy or inadequacy of a given playing time is subjective.